Friday, January 7, 2011

Tees Maar Khan review : "Absolutely insane!!!"

Christmas bells are ringing & all the folks are savoring yet another holiday season with gusto and mirth. With Christmas falling on a weekend, Farah Khan & Akki is playing Santa Claus this time around by promising to sweep the audience off their seats with their entertaining pot boiler "Tees Maar Khan". The movie had already grabbed headlines when Akshay Kumar was preferred over SRK for the role, which eventually led to the split between SRK & Farah Khan. The question now is whether this would be a money spinner just like Farah's previous ventures & invariably bring back the good times for Akki??? Hmm..well the verdict wont take time!!!

The script by Shirish Kunder is actually a lift off from the Peter Seller starrer classic "After the Fox". The story unfolds with the birth of Tees Maar Khan (Akshay Kumar), a born criminal in actual literal sense. It seems he had imbibed all the characteristics in the womb itself by virtue of his mom being obsessed in watching robbery films. Presently he is being taken up by the Interpol & handed over to the CBI only to escape again. It is at this time, that Tees Maar Khan is entrusted by Johri brothers (conjoined twins, essayed by Raghu Ram & Rajiv Laxman) with the mission of looting antiques worth  millions from a guarded moving train.Realising he might need the help of many people, he hatches a plan of looting the train on the pretext of shooting a heist for his movie "Bharat ka Khazana" starring superstar Aatish Kapoor (Akshaye Khanna). So will Akki & his gang pull off the heist or will the villagers & Aatish realise the truth behind the shooting???

In the performance department, each & every character was meant to over-act to the hilt. Akki is in his usual avatar & doesnt bring anything different; however there is no doubt that he was definitely the right choice when compared with SRK for the title role.Personally speaking, Katrina Kaif is one of the most over-rated actresses in Bollywood & in a movie which required her to be an absolute buffoon; it was natural that she would pull it off well. Akshaye Khanna as the Oscar obsessed superstar is bang on target & gets us into splits with his histronics whenever he sees Anil Kapoor who is believed to have bagged "Slumdog Millionare" owing to the mistake of Akshay's secretary. 

Farah Khan & Shirish Kunder with the stars of TMK
The movie defies logic & one is adviced to even keep their brains at home to watch this. Farah has always believed in making an out & out masala entertainer, but the biggest flaw with this when compared with her previous ventures is that many of the sequences just fails to evoke any laughs & at times makes us want to pull our hair. The music by Vishal Shekhar & Shirish Kunder didnt have much to write about though "Sheila ka Jawani" has been a chart buster thanks to Katrina's gyrating moves to complement it. If one would notice, Shirish Kunder seems to have touched on every aspect of the movie but it goes without saying the film fails to keep up the spirits of the audience.

Verdict: The movie would have a great opening thanks to the holiday season & the track record of Farah Khan. But its not going to make much waves as the money will invariably dry up in a couple of days. In short, unless you dont mind watching a senseless movie watch it or else forget it!!!


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