Sunday, January 30, 2011

Arjunan Sakshi review : " Decent effort but lacks an engaging feel!!!"

After having not finished 2010 on a positive note, Prithvi Raj is back with his latest venture "Arjunan Sakshi". Prithvi has been knocking on the doors for quite sometime to be the undisputed superstar after Mammooty & Mohanlal,but his solo ventures in recent times "Anwar","The Thriller" etc hasnt quite touched the sky to lay a rightful claim to that title. To aid him in his mission is none other than Ranjith Sankar who had enthralled one & all with his debut venture "Passenger" & Ann Augustine of "Elsamma" fame. So will this trio create magic in the box office????

The script is by Ranjith Sankar & once again he intends to touch upon the topic of current affairs. The film unfolds with an anonymous letter signed Arjunan being sent to Mathrubhumi journalist Anjali Menon (Ann), claiming to have the evidence which will pinpoint the murderers of former Cochin collector, Feroze Moopan (Mukesh). The case had been closed by CBI a few days prior,owing to lack of evidence after a year of investigation.The news of Arjunan is splashed in the papers & as expected a public uproar breaks out requesting the case to be reopened. In the meantime, the conspirators behind Moopan's murder threatens Anjali of dire consequences if details regarding Arjunan's whereabouts arent handed over to them. In the issuing sequences, Roy Mathew (Prithvi Raj), an architect who had recently taken up an assignment in Cochin is believed to be the anonymous Arjunan. Though Roy vehemently denies this, the conspirators are relentlessly after him for the evidence & his life. So is Roy Mathew actually not Arjunan or was he lying to escape the wrath of the murderers????? All this & more are answered, as the movie proceeds.

Ranjith has definitely come up with an interesting theme, but he fails to keep the audience engaged as in "Passenger". You cant help feeling that there is something missing in the movie, though it does convey the insecurities that each of us feel that only the rich & powerful can do anything while we are just pawns.As for other technical aspects of the movie, the music doesnt have much of a bearing here while the visuals by Ajayan is note worthy. 

Coming to performances, Prithvi has been successful in imbibing the insecurities felt by Roy & how he plans to get over it. As opposed to "Elsamma", Ann doesnt have much scope but she has been sincere in her efforts. The biggest let down of the movie is none other than the 4 villains. Their characters are so poorly etched that you cant help feeling whether these were the terrors who actually planned everything.

Verdict: The credentials of Ranjith & the star power of Prithvi will ensure a great opening, but its unlikely to sustain the hype. The bane of the movie is the weak & predictable climax which will cause it to take a beating at the box office. In short, if you dont go with high expectations its definitely a one time watch as the theme is interesting barring the flaws mentioned earlier!!!!


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