Saturday, January 8, 2011

Manmadhan Ambu review: "Fails to live up to expectations!!!"

Kamal Hassan is one collosial name in film industry around the world. It goes without saying that his movies are eagerly awaited as one is sure that Kamal Hassan will always come up with something unique. Since his magnum opus "Dasavatharam", he has been maintaining a low profile until news finally filtered out that he is coming up with his latest venture "Manmadhan Ambu" for Christmas in combination with K.S Ravikumar. This dynamic duo has gifted some of the biggest hits of Tamil & therefore the excitement surrounding their latest offering was palpable among the audience. So will they create box office magic yet again???

Ambu (Trisha) is one of the most sought after actresses of South India & she is presently engaged to millionaire Madanagopal (Madhavan). Being an over possessive lover, Madanagopal fails to digest the fact that she is hanging around with male co-stars at such close quarters. As expected, this invariably brings about misunderstandings & the wedding is called off. Madan however tries to get back together after about 3 years but his suspicious nature forces him to hire a detective,Major R.Mannar (Kamal Hassan) to track the activities of Ambu. Mannar had taken up this assignment for the money so that he could help out his friend suffering from cancer. As expected, Ambu turns out to be a straight forward female & not the immoral character that Madan was expecting. However when Mannar asks for his alimony for his services, Madan refuses to pay him which prompts Mannar to cook up stories of Ambu to keep the interest of Madan going,so that he would pay up. So does Madan marry Ambu or will there be yet another twist to the tale???? for that you got to watch it.

Coming to performances, the character essayed by Kamal Hassan isnt the type which taps his immense talent. This role could have been done by any other actor for that matter. Madhavan as the suspicious, arrogant millionaire is the one who gets a meaty role & he has given a terrific performance. The same goes for Sangeetha as well,who gets her best role since "Pithamagan" & she is bang on the money. Trisha seems apt for the role & dubbing in her own voice was a first for her. 

Kamal Hassan has virtually handled every aspect of this movie ranging from script,screenplay,dialogues, lyrics & even rendered his voice for a song or two. The movie definitely has its moments but it fails to sustain the interest of the audience. One cant expect every movie to be a "Dasavatharam", but such is the stature of the man that anything normal is deemed not good enough. The script doesnt have much to write about & seems to be too easy and plain. The music was average however the track "Neela Vaanam" taken in reverse mode depicting the flashback was just awesome.

Verdict: The movie will have a killer opening but its unlikely to sustain it. Since a huge amount of money is running on the movie, I dont expect it to be anything more than average. In short, in my opinion its a one time watch but not on the big screen as was the case of previous Kamal movies!!!


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