Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tournament review : Interesting idea but poor execution!!!

Lal is one name which is trusted by the audience to always come up with some entertaining movies be it the ones he made in combination with Siddique such as "Godfather","Ramji Rao Speaking" etc, or alone such as "2 Harihar Nagar". This festive season saw the release of Lal's "Tournament", which is an ensemble of new faces. Coming on the back of hits such as "Best Actor" as an actor & "In Ghost House Inn" as a director...will his latest venture live up to the expectations of the audience???

The script is by Lal himself & he has definitely adopted a different style in narrating the story by showing two different view angles for the same scene. Its pretty hard to explain it without revealing the plot, so I will put that matter to rest for the time being. The plot basically involves 3 friends Balu (John), Viswam (Fahad) & Usman (Pravin) getting selected for participating in the official selection trials in Bangalore for Kochi IPL team. However before their journey begins itself, Balu meets with an accident & is bed ridden. The other two unwillingly proceed with the journey but their flight gets cancelled, however on the insistence of their friend Aswathy (Rupa) they hit the road & is joined by Bobby (Manu),another selected participant whom they met in the airport. What all happens during the course of this journey forms the crux of the movie.

Coming to performances, the new comers has definitely delivered a decent act. Fahad is slowly turning out to be a fine actor while Rupa is also totally at ease. Prajin as John, who turns up in the latter half of the movie deserves a pat on his back & so does John in his brief role. Salim Kumar has been able to tickle the funny bone at times. The music by Deepak Dev is top notch & all the numbers has been ruling the music charts be it "Heyyo" by Vinod Verma & Maya; "Manassil" by Naresh Iyer, Deepak Dev & Megha or "Nila Nila" by Karthik & Megha.

However, the movie has it share of flaws which could very well spell its doom. Though the idea has been unique...the storyline lacked the punch to sustain the interest of the audience. It goes without saying that after the first few sequences, the audience gets an idea as to what is going to happen next. The climax was another major letdown, with a little more bound plot this could well have been a good thriller.

Verdict: The movie will find it hard to get a good opening owing to the lack of big names. In such a scenario, its the script that will have to do the trick as in the case of "Malarwadi Arts Club", however that is not going to happen here. In my opinion, the movie is just average..watch it if you feel like or else forget it!!!!


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