Saturday, January 22, 2011

Siruthai review : "Karthi attempts the larger than life hero!!!"

Last year was undoubtedly the year of the brothers in Kollywood with Surya & Karthi being the disputed box office kings barring the iconic Rajini's "Enthiran". After having burst into the scene with the critically acclaimed blockbuster "Paruthiveeran", he followed it up with a hat tricks of movies last year all of which did good business. So naturally a lot of hype surrounded his latest release, which also brought back the hit pair of Tamannah & Karthi yet again.Was this hype actually justified as the promos were shown to be too loud??? Hmm...well the following lines will underline my point of view.

The movie is the remake of the Ravi Teja starrer Telugu blockbuster "Vikramarkudu". The script is by S.S Rajamouli who was the director of the Telugu version while the Tamil version is helmed by Siva. Bhavuji (Avinash) & his kin are the undisputed rulers of Kurnool with their hands in all that is unlawful & evil. In some other place, Rocket Raja (Karthi) is a small time petty thief who in the company of his accomplice Kaatupoochi (Santhanam) goes around looting people. Its in such a scenario, that they happened to come across a kid,Divya (Baby Rakshana) who addresses Raja as her father. Very soon the plot unfolds & we are introduced to Raja's double, Ratnavel Pandian (Karthi), who was actually the father of Divya & an upright policemen loved the masses & dreaded by the criminals. How did Divya reach Raja & what happened to Pandian???? All these queries are addressed in due course of time.

Considering the fact that this is the first time that Karthi is attempting the mass hero type of role, he has definitely performed well. The role of Rocket Raja though comical & endearing didnt offer anything new as he has already played roles similar to that, however as Pandian he showcased his prowess in delivering punch dialogues. Tamannah as his love interest, seemed to have take upon a very poorly etched role with nothing more than showing skin in ample measure while Baby Rakshana does manage to pull at the emotional chords. Santhanam does manage to put forth his wares in the limited opportunities that he is provided with. As for the remaining cast,there is nothing much to write home about.

Velraj was entrusted with handling the camera & he has definitely carried it out skillfully. The music by Vidyasagar was average & fails to impress the audience the way one would expect. The script doesnt offer anything new & everything is executed predictably.Though Karthi does manage to grab the eyeballs with his Pandian character, one cant help thinking as to why he would attempt the usual run of the mill stuff!!!

Verdict: Karthi's track record will definitely guarantee a huge initial, however it wont be able to sustain the run for long owing to a very predictable script. Even though I havent seen the original, it fails to impress me except for a few Pandian sequences. In short, its a movie meant mainly for hard core fans & unless you are one its better you give this a miss!!!


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