Saturday, January 8, 2011

Traffic review : "Promising start to 2011!!!"

Finally 2011 is here & bringing with it the hopes of a better year for the Malayalam film industry. This week witnessed the release of "Traffic", incidentally the first release of the year. Though directed by Rajesh R Pillai, whose earlier venture, a Chackochan starrer "Hridayathil Sookshikaan",was a debacle, "Traffic" had already generated a great deal of excitement owing to its impressive promos & a huge star cast. So will the movie live upto the expectations & be the first hit of 2011??? Hmm...anywaz read on to know about my opinion.

The script by Bobby-Sanjay duo, credited for the work of "Ente Veedum Appuvinteyum" & "Notebook"...has come up with an interesting theme & kudos to them for keeping the audience engaged. The plot involves the happenings on 16th September & how the lives of the various characters gets crossed at a traffic point. Rihan (Vineeth Srinivasan) is an aspiring TV journalist off to his first big assignment of interviewing Superstar Sidharth (Rehman). In the meantime, Dr.Abel (Chackochan) is on his way to meet his wife to present her with a new car & Sudevan (Srinivasan), a traffic constable is readmitted into work following his suspension for bribery. Rihan at this juncture along with Rajeev (Asif Ali) meets with a freak accident & is rushed to the hospital. What later follows is a tale of emotions & thrills, which keeps us glued to the seats. Revealing anything more, will spoil the fun!!!!!

With a great script to rely upon, it was a matter of executing it well & without exaggeration, Rajeev Pillai has nailed it. There were portions in the first half that makes us feel that the plot isnt going anywhere, but rest assured the second half has its share of excellent sequences. Coming to performances, everyone has essayed their roles to perfection. Chackochan continues his purple patch & Rehman as the superstar is top notch. Vineeth though in a brief role forms the crux of the movie & Anoop Menon as Commissioner Ajmal is excellent. Sreenivasan delivers whatever the role is & here too the story remains the same. Lena as Rehman's wife deserves a special word of praise & so also Asif Ali, Saikumar etc. Jose Prakash appearing after a long hiatus delivers a barrage of dialogues in a 5min sequence which gets the applause of the audience.

The music by Mejo Joseph is in tune with the mood of the movie & the editing by Mahesh Narayanan is slick. All in all, every aspect of the movie gives the feeling that Malayalam movies are finally coming off age. Without doubt, the real winner is the script as it has tackled an issue quite different & also skilfully weaved together the characters so well rather than making them appear as unwanted appendages.

Verdict: The movie should definitely go on to be the first hit of 2011. Though it doesnt have mega stars, the script will do all the talking & will have the backing of the audience by word of mouth. In short, I would suggest that you guys to definitely watch it!!!!



  1. Bad that i dint book a ticket for this movie....instead i took the ticket for \gulliver's travels... :( Had i seen ur movie review earlier, i'd have gone for this... :(