Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pranchiyettan & the Saint review : One of the best movies of this year!!!!

Amidst the scam of the CWG & the impending Ayodhya verdict, the Mammotty starrer "Pranchiyettan & the saint" finally released in Bangalore..almost 2 weeks after its official release in Kerala. This was one of the most awaited movies of the year as it heralded the coming together of Mammotty-Ranjith duo after the much acclaimed "Palerimanikyam". So was it worth the wait??? U bet it was!!!! The plot basically involves the life of Chirammal Enashu Francis, a rich Thrissur businessman who is always insecure about his status owing to his lack of education & the nickname of "Aripranchi" which has stuck onto him since his childhood as his family was into the rice business. The story is narrated in flashback by Pranchiyettan to St.Francis of Assisi.. & it takes us through a joyful ride as to what all Pranchiyettan does to shake off his nickname & inferiority it competing for the Presidentship in a club or trying to attain Padmashri award with money etc etc.The life of Pranchi takes a turn with the arrival of Padmashree & a 10th std student Pauli....& that segment shud be gauged by watching the film.

Coming to the performance department, Mammotty just sweeps you of off the floor with his histrionics skills essaying the protagonist with such naturality & humour without resorting to slapstick comedy that you instantly develop a liking for the character. Mammootty has already proven that he is a class apart when it comes to mastering dialects..& here too his Thrissur accent has been spot on.As for the supporting cast, Innocent as Vasu Menon delivers one of his best performances in recent times & gets us into splits. Priyamani (as Padmashree) & Khushboo (as Omana) his childhood love as also delivered a decent performance..not to forget Master Ganapathy (as Pauli). A special mention definitely goes to Ranjith also who has rendered his voice to the character of St.Francis essayed by Jesse Fox Allen, which is definitely in tune with the mood of the movie.

Ranjith is always expected to deliver a creditable film & he doesnt fail to impress us with his latest venture. His dialogues are the lifeline for the movie & his unique way of presenting the movie augurs well for the future. There is however no denying the fact that the movie drags in the 2nd half especially the sequence involving Jagathy & Master Ganapathy...but that is a minor glitch in an otherwise entertaining movie.
Verdict: So coming to my opinion...its definitely the best Ramzan movie & one of the best of this year. Mammootty has yet again come up with a memorable performance & imparts such an innocence to the character that you will definitely love it. All in all...I would suggest you guys to definitely watch it!!!!

Regards.... Ben

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dabangg review: Masses will lap this up!!!

Ramzan heralded the release of the much awaited Salman Khan starrer "Dabaang" which also happened to be the launch vehicle for Sonakshi Sinha (daughter of the khamosh guy "Shatrughna Sinha). The impressive promos has more than been able to infuse a sense of anticipation even before its release. So is it actually so good???..coming to the plot, its just old wine in a new bottle. The films reminds you of the Hindi movies of the 70s & 80s where the hero bashes up the bad guys & eventually culminating in a happy ending. The movie is set in rural UP, where Chulbul Pandey aka Robinhood Pandey (Salman) is a corrupt yet adorable cop who loots from the goons & passes on some of the loot to the needy. Then as its reminiscent in yester year movies there's the angle of half brother rivalry, friction with step-father which is been utilised by the villain to their gain.

The director Abhinav Kashyap has come up with an average story line with nothing new that the audience hasnt been subjected to. So what will make this movie work???  the answer is just the one & only....SALMAN. Salman has definitely come up with one of his best performances in recent times...he is totally at ease essaying Chulbul whose character is punctuated with spurts of comic timing & great action. He plays to the whims & fancies of the masses..... you get your money's worth with his comic one liners & new style of brandishing a pencil moustache & a Ray Ban dangling from his back collar. As for the remaining cast, Sonu Sood (as the villanous Chaddi Singh) has been able to stand up to Salman but the remaining are just pedestrian & overshadowed by Salman. Sonakshi (as Rajo) has been good in striking up romance with Salman & delivers a decent performance for a new comer.

The most endearing about the movie is the action sequences which has been choreographed by S.Vijayan. As is evident from his land of upbringing, Vijayan has dished out the kind of action sequences which are evident in Tamil & Telugu macho movies...with many gravity defying stunts. Another thing which stands out in the movie is the music by Sajid Wajid..."Munni Badnam hui..." is already a chart buster & there are a couple of others as well such as "Tere mast do nain.." which are quite hummable.The background score also deserves a word of praise for their unique cow boy music which blends with the film.

Verdict: So whats my opinion for this movie???  In my view, Dabaang wont go great guns in Multiplexes but will make a killing at the box office in the single screens without doubt,as Salman has made use of his superstardom like never before!!!!  Hmmm... so in short, do watch it if you are a Salman fan or would like to enjoy your time watching comedy & action without actually searching for anything new in the movie!!!!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Elsamma Enna Aankutty review : Lal Jose creates magic yet again!!!!

Lal Jose gifts the Malayali audience with a new heroine for this Ramzan season through his new venture "Elsamma Enna Aankutty". The protogonist of the movie is Ann Augustine who is the daughter of veteran actor Augustine & going by her performance in this movie she has definitely made her father proud. The plot revolves around Ann (as Elsamma) who had to take up the responsibilities of her family after her father's demise & how she goes about doin it managin her household consisting of her Mom (KPAC Lalitha) & 3 sisters. She is a paper supplier & in our words a social activist as well..who is always on the forefront against it illegal alcohol or land mafia. Kunchako (as Pallunni) is the milk supplier for the village, a good friend of Elsamma & who nurses a love interest in her. Indrajit (as Abey) is the eternal flirt & is the grandson of Nedumudi, who had come for Christmas holidays. The story moves along predictable lines & transverses her problems..before finally culminating in she selecting either Palluni or Abey as her love.

Lal Jose comes up yet again with an entertaining venture..though the story isnt anything goes without saying that it keep you hale & hearty rather than make you itching around in your seat. The scenes has all been neatly crafted & captures the essence of a typical village life. The climax could definitely have been better but within the framework of the story it seems satisfactory.

Coming to the performance department, Ann is the centre piece & she has more than justified the trust placed on her by Lal Jose. She is completely at ease with her performance though there is no denying the fact that her expressions & body language definitely reminds you of Kavya Madhavan. Chakochan seems to be goin through a purple patch with all his recent ventures raking in the moolah at the box office while Indrajith plays his role as the eternal flirt to perfection after having mastered that in "Classmates". Jagathy essaying the role of the MLA has been terrific & brings the roof down with his antics.The music by Rajamani has been doin well at the charts & quite hummable.

Verdict: In my view, Elsamma will be a hit in the long it will definitely have the word of mouth goin in its favour. All in all, a very entertaining & enjoyable movie....& I believe you guys will enjoy it..Do watch it!!!!


Shikaar review : Mohanlal makes a strong comeback!!!!

Finally the Malayali audience is spoiled for choice over films for this Ramzan. After going through a mediocre year since his last decent hit  "Ividam Swargamane"... Mohanlal comes back in style with his Ramzan offering "Shikaar". The plot is as follows : Balaraman (Mohanlal) is a lorry driver residing in Chittazhi who transports bamboo; he has a foster daughter Ganga (Ananya) who is the light of his life & secured rank for Medicine. The film takes a turn when skeletons from his past starts stumbling out from his cupboard which involves a Naxal linkup as well. Balaraman is then on the run to save his daughter & what issues later forms the crux of the movie.

Coming to the script, the second half of the movie is what actually puts in a punch. The comedy sequences in the film is a major letdown as Suraj falls flat & Jagathy also fails to impart any steam to it. The biggest credit definitely goes to the cinematographer Manoj Pillai....he has shot the sequences incredibly & keeps you engrossed in the visual spectacle. As for the music Jayachandran has come up with a decent job..with the Telugu song rendered by SP being the highlight. The director Padmakumar has been able to craft the scenes quite expertly in the second half after a not so impressive first half.

With his movies not doing so well in the recent past ...Mohanlal had to come up with something special & he has definitely did that. He puts in with a power packed performance & is ably supported by the other acting crew. Samuthirakani (as Naxal leader Abdulla) has put in a brilliant performance in a small yet important role & the same goes to Lakshmi Gopalaswamy as well. The other leads such as Ananya, Mithili & Sneha doesnt have much to do...& the same goes for Lalu Alex & Mani.

Verdict: All in all.... the movie has the advantage of having created a stir in the public even before the the bumper opening will render it to be a hit in no time. The second half & climax definitely makes it worthwhile for a watch on the big screen. So I suggest you guys do watch it!!!!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

We are family review : A melodrama which is just not appealing enough!!!

Finally Bollywood comes up with a movie which has legally secured the Hollywood copyrights rather than shamelessly ripping it off & just stating it was barely influenced. "We are Family" is the remake of the Susan Sarandon-Julia Roberts starrer "Stepmom" i guess there is no need to elaborate on the plot as most of us must have watched the original. Anywaz for those who havent,  Kajol (as Maya) & Arjun (as Aman) are a divorced couple but still maintains a good relationship for the sake of their 3 kids. Arjun in the meantime is in an affair with Kareena (as Shreya)...& though he tries to introduce her to his kids & Kajol...things doesnt work out well.The film takes a turn when Kajol is diagnosed with cancer & how she decides upon Kareena to take her place.

Coming to the performance department, Kajol as always steals the show & manages to infuse life into every frame that she appears. Kareena is able to hold her own in front of the brilliant Kajol...though we definitely feel that she has been wasted.But there is no denying the fact that Kareena was the right choice for that role since any other female would not have been able to match upto Kajol.As for Arjun, he is definitely growing in stature with each passing movie & is able to emote much better nowadays. As for the gets really slow in the 2nd half & even for the 1st time watchers the climax is written on the wall. The cold war brewing between the leading ladies is brilliantly shot be it the sarcastic remarks or the cold stares.The climax is the staple diet meant for weepers..& for those who love senti stuff...hankies will be in much demand.
The major letdown of the movie is definitely the music by Shankar Ehsaan loy...except for Jailhouse Rock...nothing else is impressive. The background score is impressive & able to tug at your heart strings. The directorial debut of Siddharth Malhotra is kind of encouraging.....though a much more well written 2nd half could have made it better.

Verdict: All in all, "We are family" a decent one time watch for those who love melodramatic stuff!!!!