Monday, January 10, 2011

No One Killed Jessica review : "Well conceived version of the truth!!!"

Every year has always thrown up some movie which lingers in the mind of the audience for one thing or the other. Luckily for Bollywood, the wait didnt last beyond the first week of this year; as it witnessed the release of the much awaited "No One Killed Jessica". Jessica Lal case is one of the most high profile cases to have ever happened in Independent India & the hype has been palpable ever since news came out this is being immortalised in celluloid. So has the movie able to do justice to the truth or will it be just a masala mish-mash????

The director of this eagerly awaited movie is none other than Rajeev Gupta who had impressed one & all with his debut venture "Aamir".The biggest risk of taking a real life incident is that invariably it might end up being too dramatised & at times deviating from the truth. However, over here Rajeev has done an exceptional job of keeping the truth very much in place & yet maintain an engaging feel to it. The movie begins with Sabrina (Vidya Balan) being called up from sleep to inform that her sister Jessica (Myra) has been shot dead. Jessica was an aspiring model & working in a posh bar, who was shot dead by a politician's son for the trivial reason of denying to serve alcohol after closing hours.The murder happened at a party attended by 300 odd people, both rich & famous. As one would expect, it seemed an open & shut case,but what then unfolds is a dirty tale of how money & power turns the witnesses hostile; & the accused walks off scot-free.What later issues is how NDTV correspondent Meera (Rani Mukherjee) exposes the ugly truth & brings about a nation wide uproar.

Coming to performances, Rani is back on celluloid after a brief break with a thumping performance. Her portrayal of Meera as a fiercely independent, outspoken & bold reporter is bang on, not to forget the ease with much she dishes out expletives. Vidya coming on the back of memorable performances in "Paa" & "Ishqiya", has essayed the role of Sabrina to perfection, with her relentless fight for justice on the face of adversity & a sense of vulnerability to her character. Myra as Jessica was apt while Rajesh Sharma as the investigating officer deserves a word of praise. 

The real winner of the movie is undoubtedly the script which is backed by some stellar performances. The music by Amit Trivedi is very much in tune with the mood of the movie with the track "Dilli Dilli" reflecting the very soul of the movie.

Verdict: The movie should have an above average opening owing to the hype created by the subject matter. In my opinion, its definitely a well made movie & for those who love hard hitting reality movies do watch it!!!


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