Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rakta Charitra 2 review: "Surya rocks in this engrossing vendetta saga!!!"

The much awaited Bollywood debut of Surya is finally here & we couldnt fault him in biding his time before making the plunge into Hindi. The prequel had been released barely a month back & it goes without saying that it was one of the most violent Hindi movies to have ever released. As expected, RC-1 achieved rich dividends from the Telugu version while it recovered its costs from Hindi. The climax of RC-1 created immense excitement with a sneak peek into what could be happening next. So was this bated anticipation totally justified ????? Hmm...just read on & you will know what I felt.

The plot basically picks from the climax of the prequel with the emergence of Surya , who turns out to be the nemesis for Prathap (Vivek Oberoi). The movie begins with Surya carrying out a failed bomb attack on Prathap & how Prathap retaliates to get even. If the first part showed us as to how Prathap became the person he was, in the sequel Surya takes the centre stage & throws light as to why he wants him dead. As many would be aware, Surya is enacting the real life character of Madichelu Suri, however giving more information regarding the character would be like giving out the entire plot.

With such a strong thread to rely upon, it was just a matter of having a good screenplay & Prashant Pandey has done total justice to his craft. Though the movie isn't filled up with as much events as in the prequel, nevertheless this will keep you engrossed.The emotion of vengeance hasnt been ever depicted with so much of clarity.Both the primal characters seems to have valid reasons for their situations & the audience totally gets to understand this. As for other aspects of the movie, the background score by Dharam-Sandeep deserves a pat on their back while the cinematography was the usual RGV style.

Coming to performances, Surya is totally awesome; he is the show stopper & the intensity he imparts to the character has to be seen to be believed. Vivek Oberoi has also done a credible job but the limelight is mainly on Surya this time. Priyamani (as Bhawani, Surya's wife) is equally top notch & exudes confidence. Sudeep (as DCP Rathod) is suave,manipulative & clever...though appearing only in a few sequences, he definitely leaves an impression.

Verdict: The sequel isn't as gory as RC-1, however it also has its share of violence which is still way beyond the palatable range of many. The Tamil version which is released as a single installment is bound to make the producers laughing to the bank & I believe a similar fate awaits the Telugu version also. Just as I had predicted for RC-1, the Hindi version this time also wont be going great guns but it will definitely be a bigger success. In my opinion, I would suggest that you guys to watch it...preferably the Tamil version!!!


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