Friday, December 3, 2010

Again Kasargod Kadherbhai review : "A disgraceful sequel!!!"

Finally the last month of 2010 has arrived with a stack of movies lined up for all the weekends leading upto New Year. This week witnessed the release of the sequel of one of the biggest hits of Malayalam "Mimics Parade" & its sequel "Kasargod Kadherbhai".Since the prior two ventures being huge successes, naturally a lot of expectation has been attached to the 3rd installment titled "Again Kasargod Kadherbhai". So can this live up to the box office success of its predecessors???

The plot is basically crap to say the least...Father Tharakandam (Innocent) is still in charge of the troupe Kaladarsan which is carrying out cultural programmes with mimicry being its highlight as in prequels . On the occasion of Father's 60th bday, the troupe decides to hold a grand function & calls up its former star performers for a get together. With the exception of Siddique, the remaining guys (Jagadish, Biju & Ashokan) all make it for the function. These guys ends up performing a programme for the Central Jail inmates on the behest of Father. Incidentally, Kasim Khan (Babu Antony),who had been jailed courtesy of the Kaladarsan team in the prequel, is here as well. As expected, that leads to an altercation & it so turns out that he gets murdered. The blame falls on the Kaladarsan troupe owing to circumstantial did they actually do it??? if not, who did it & why???

After the debacle of "College Kumaran" a couple of years back, Thulasidas is back at the helm of things. However, things doesnt seems to have changed much this time as well... with this movie being an equally worthless venture. The script by Kaloor Dennis doesnt have anything which would keep the audience interested. As for other aspects of the movie, the background score played when Gautham appears (enacting the role of  SI) is totally outrageous & blares out at times. Ratheesh Vegha's music is average with a track rendered by Vineeth Srinivasan being the best among the lot though its picturisation is appalling.

Coming to performances, though a galaxy of comedians are present here, there isnt much to write home about. Suraj does manage to infuse a couple of laughs while the female lead essayed by Radha Verma of "Crazy Gopalan" fame doesnt have much to do except apply oodles of makeup. A special word of mention definitely goes to Siddique for having being clever enough not to have acted in such a whimsical movie.

Verdict: Without doubt,one of the worst movies of this year. It would be lucky if it gets through this weekend. In short, I would suggest that you guys to avoid it!!!!


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