Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Problem review: "Full of problems!!!"

Anees Bazmee is one of those directors who has been instrumental in racking in a lot of moolah on the basis of no brainer slap stick comedies. His array of hits belonging to that genre includes "No Entry", "Welcome" & "Singh is Kinng; all of which had nonsensical story lines but somehow managed to tickle the funny bone. This weekend witnessed the release of his latest venture,"No Problem"; which is also of the same genre & produced by Anil Kapoor. So will this one also add onto his success list???

Coming to the plot, as expected its having an absolutely stupid story. It basically involves two crooks,Yash (Sanjay Dutt) & Raj (Akshay Khanna); who robs a bank headed by manager Zandulal (Paresh Rawal). Since both these crooks happened to stay in his house for a day prior to the robbery, the blame naturally falls on Zandulal; who vows to catch them. In the meantime, a heist happens in the Diamond Centre,Durban carried out by Marcos (Suneil Shetty) & his gang. The investigation charge falls on the crack inspector Arjun (Anil Kapoor);who is married to Kajal (Sushmita Sen);who in turn has split personality disorder. Zandulal in search of the crooks also lands up in Durban & what follows later on is too stupid to be even discussed.

The biggest flaw with the movie is that it is full of problems. There isnt a single aspect which deserves a word of praise.Frankly speaking, I never expected anythng logical but even the comedy is so down-rite stupid that you feel like banging your head rather than laughing. Except for "Mast Punjabi" rendered by Anand Raj & Sunidhi Chauhan;the others are below average...considering the fact that 4 music directors worked in this fim namely Sajid-Wajid, Anand Raj & Pritam. The background score is one of the worst that I have come across in recent times; even a amateur would have done it better.

As for performances, its a well known fact that slap stick comedies works totally on the timing & comic flare of the performer. I didnt feel that any of them has done a credible job though Paresh Rawal & Anil Kapoor did manage to infuse a couple of laughs, the others were trying too hard.

Verdict: The North Indian audience has a habit of taking a liking for absolute nonsensical comedies like Golmaal 3 etc etc; but this time I dont believe even they would tolerate this. In short, dont even bother watching!!!


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