Monday, December 27, 2010

Marykkundoru Kunjaadu review: "Simple yet enjoyable!!!"

Christmas is finally here & Dileep intends to wish the audience a very happy festive season through his latest offering "Marykkundoru Kunjaadu".The audience are definitely looking forward to this movie as this brings together the hit combination of "Kalyanaraman" , Dileep-Shafi & Benny Nayarambalam. So have they been able to recreate the magic yet again ???

The plot involves Solomon (Dileep) who is a lazy & cowardly young guy who aspires to be a film director. Due to his peaceful nature & inability to stand up to his adversaries he inevitably ends up being the object of beatings from all;but primarily from his sweetheart Mary's (Bhavana) brothers. Ittichayan (Innocent) is Mary's father,a wealthy person who was at loggerheads with Dileep's father (Vijayaraghavan) as he had married Innocent's bride years back. Things take a turn when Biju Menon turns up in the village & Dileep sees this as an oppurtunity to get even with his detractors by making use of Biju's strength claiming him to be his long lost brother Jose. But in reality who was Jose & will Ittichayan allow Solomon to marry Mary...the answers to all these forms the basic thread.

Benny Nayarambalam has come up with a simple storyline with not much unexpected twists or turns..however there is no denying the fact that the screenplay was entertaining. Shafi is always known to come up with movies with good humour & here too he has exploited the comic forte of Dileep to the hilt.The music by Berny Ignatius has been well appreciated & already a rage in TV channels.

Coming to performances, Dileep comes up with a delightful act as the cowardly yet lovable village rustic. He is totally at ease with the character & comes out in flying colours. Biju Menon has delivered a knock out performance especially in the first half with impressive performances from Innocent & others also.

Verdict: Taking into account the holiday season & "feel good" nature of the movie...I believe this is going to be yet another hit in Dileep's kitty thereby capping a very successful 2010 for him. In short, I would suggest that you guys watch it for some relaxing clean humour!!!!


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