Sunday, November 28, 2010

Break ke Baad reviews: "Different yet average & predictable!!!"

Yet another film in the genre of contemporary romance where everyone is cool & independent . The trend started with "Dil Chahta Hai", after which hoards of movies had released with "Anjaana Anjaani", "IHLS", "Aisha" etc being the last few released in the past 4-5 months. So will the directorial debut of Danish Aslam "Break ke Baad" be different or will it be just another old story in a new bottle???

One thing that I liked about the movie is that for a change the storyline is different, though it transverses an oft used path in the latter half. Abhay (Imran Khan) is a dotting boyfriend who places his girlfriend Aaliya (Deepika Padukone) above everything else. He is the understanding, romantic & level headed guy in the relationship while Aaliya is the loud, career oriented, rebellious character who takes Abhay for granted. Things reach a point where she wants to pursue her acting career & pushes off to Australia; with hardly a thought for Abhay or her mom (Sharmila Tagore).Abhay as expected follows her there & due to her insistence they have to break up. Will Aaliya realise Abhay is the source of happiness & balance in her life??? Hmmm...for that you got to watch it.

The screenplay by Danish Aslam & Renuka Kunzru though different & endearing in the first half becomes totally predictable & boring "break ke baad". The reason for saying different is in terms of the character given to Imran & Deepika. Vishal Shekhar tunes are hummable but not worth mentioning except for "Adhure". As for other aspects of the movie, there is nothing which deserves a special mention.

Coming to performances, Deepika has come up with an act on par with "Luv Aaj Kal" while Imran as always seemed confident & totally at ease in doing characters like these with "Jaane Tu..", "IHLS" etc being his predecessors. Lilette Dubey (as Imran's aunt) delivers a couple of punch lines which gets us into splits while Shahana Goswami has been wasted & so is Sharmila Tagore. In short, the others dont have much scope with the film focusing on Deepika, & Imran playing the supporting act literally.

Verdict: The movie opened with a lot of promise but fizzled out in the 2nd half, with an ending on the lines of "Kannamoochi Yenada".It will recover its costs but going on to become a too tall an ask. Anywaz, the movie is worth a one time watch if you are into urban Bollywood love stories or else forget it!!!


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