Monday, November 8, 2010

Golmaal 3 review : A No Brainer slap stick comedy!!!!

Rohit Shetty is back with his Golmaal franchise to tickle our funny bone in this festive season of lights. After having struck gold with his previous 2 Golmaal ventures...this one promises to be bigger,better & more funnier than the others. So does it live upto its brand name???? The plot involves two sets of siblings namely Ajay Devgan & Shreyas Talpade on one side with Arshad Warsi ,Kunal Khemu & Tusshar on the other side under the parentage of Mithun Chakraborthy & Ratna Patnaik respectively They are constantly at loggerheads & all hell breaks loose when their parents decides to marry each other with Kareena playing the Cupid after she realises that they were one time lovers until fate splits them apart.

Is there any use talking about the script....coz none of the Golmaal movies had much of a story & the same trend follows here as well. The one thing that gets Golmaal running is the pranks, jokes & slap stick comedy. So in short, the vital aspect in such a framework is the tongue in cheek dialogues & that has been given in ample measure by Farhad Sajid & Bunty Rathore. The music by Pritam is average with the title track & "Ale" being the best among the lot. Rohit's movies are always known for its vibrance & bright colour schemes..not to forget the entry styles of the it the Ajay perching on two bikes in Golmaal...then on 2 hummers in Golmaal returns & finally on 2 cars running on its sides in Golmaal 3.

In the performance department, Mithun Chakraborthy has graciously donned the famous Disco dancer act, together with a wig reminiscent of his yesterdays. He is completely at ease with this avatar though at times here he has become the spoof of his own movies, Ajay has got a makeover with earrings, tattoos & a half crack character as opposed to the previous Golmaals. Tushaar has been the best in the previous two movies & here too he maintains that. Arshad has always been confident with comedy be it the Munnabhai series or the others. Kareena being the only female in this all guys star cast has been impressive & able to stand up with the guys.

Verdict: The Golmaal brand name will definitely give it a killer opening at the box office..however will it be able to sustain is the question. Personally speaking, I didnt like it....but considering the reception that the North Indian audience gave to the previous Golmaal ventures, I think this would turn out to be a hit. In my opinion, unless you like slap stick comedy watch it or else run far from it!!!!


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