Sunday, November 21, 2010

Best of Luck review: "May God have mercy on the makers!!!!"

The so-called future stars of Malayalam industry beckons the public to the theatres for this Bakrid season with their comedy venture "Best of Luck". After having made commendable debuts with "Neelathamara" & "Rithu" respectively, the star couples are brought together for the first time by director M.A Nishad. With an added attraction of having a special guest appearance by Megastar Mammootty in addition to the support provided by the veteran stalwarts like Prabhu & Urvashi, the makers would be expecting to make the box office bells ringing.But will they do so????

The story involves Surya (Kailash) & Manu (Asif Ali) being friends; who dreams of becoming musician & film-maker respectively with Neethu (Archana Kavi) & Diya (Reema Kalingal) playing their love interests. Surya is living under the support of his wealthy step brother Vinayaka Naykar (Prabhu) & finds it hard to have a jolly time with the meagre monthly allowance provided by Prabhu.  Things take a turn when Manu & Diya meets up with Mammootty who agrees to do a movie for them if they could come up with a good script. Then its a matter of arranging money thru money lenders to finance the movie in addition to mistaken identities etc etc

Coming to the story, its absolutely stupid & the comic element is just not good enough. Actually its the copy of the hugely successful Sanjay Dutt starrer "All the best". M.A Nishad after having delivered movies like "Vairam"...tries his hand in something different..but in the process burns his hand.

In the performance department, Asif Ali seems to be the one who is comparatively better, while the other youngsters seems to be totally lost. After having enacted many memorable roles, I was really surprised as to why such a fine actress like Urvashi would agree to do this & to say the least, she was unbearable...thanks to a poorly etched character. Prabhu seemed fine while Sooraj didnt bring anything new to the plate along with Jagathy. As for other aspects of the movie, there is nothing which deserves a mention.

Verdict: One of the worst movies to come out in recent times...even the guest appearance by Mammootty wont translate into a run for a couple of days more. In short, avoid it or else "Best of Luck" watching it!!!


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