Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Thriller reviews: "Anwar reloaded: a better version however!!!!"

Bakrid is finally here & it ushered the release of the "young superstar" Prithvi's "The Thriller". After "Anwar", not being able to create any mileage for Prithvi, he would definitely be looking forward to his new release to seal his position in the Malayalam industry as the rightful heir apparent to the Megastars Mammootty & Mohanlal. So will this movie finally be the stepping stone that Prithvi is hoping????

The plot involves the murder of a young turk of a business empire on a highway. There is no doubt that the events has been clearly inspired from the Paul Muthoot George murder case & the movie moves along predictable lines with some interesting twists as well. Prithvi as Niranjan is the DCP, who is entrusted with the duty of cracking the case. With an underworld don in the form of Martin Dinakar (Sampath) & current issues like Cricket league, cut throat media etc...the movie in short is a mixed bag. So who are the big fishes behind the murder & what was the motive????; the answer to these questions forms the highlight.

Hmm...the thread of the story was really interesting & definitely had the scope to be a winner if tackled well. However for me that is where this movie falls flat, B.Unnikrishnan definitely lacks the caliber of a Renji Panicker..but that is no excuse for having executed it so badly.With an unwanted romantic angle & too much of time for each action sequence; the movie reminded me as being a Malayalam version of  Surya's character in "Singam". There was way too much of heroism & daredevilry...not to mention the slow motion. Unnikrishnan seems to be in competition with Amal Neerad as to who will impart more time for slow motion.

Coming to the performance department, Prithvi just rocked...he has done total justice to the role offered to him; though at times the mannerisms & English punch lines reminded me of Suresh Gopi. There is no doubt that this role seemed to be tailor made for Suresh Gopi, but Prithvi has more than satisfied the requirements. Sampath as the negative shade has delivered a decent performance & is making a name for himself in our industry. As for others, Katherine playing the female lead was hardly noticed & looked a misfit in the movie while Lalu Alex & Siddique seemed adequate.

One of the highlights of the movie are the action sequences choreographed by Anal Arasu of "Naan Mahaan Alla" fame. It was good & definitely imparted a Tamil touch..though personally speaking, I felt each of the action sequences didnt have to be so long. Coming to music by Dharan, "Priyankari" rendered by Mamtha Mohandas seemed fine;while the others were average. The choreography of the title track was cool & seemed to be the hangover of the last song of "Anwar"

Verdict: The movie will definitely have a bumper opening with not much of a competition from other movies. However it will not be able to sustain it, coz of the poor direction; though it will be able to recover its costs. In my view, its a one time watch if you dont mind watching a Tamil style movie!!!


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