Monday, November 8, 2010

Action Replayy review: A damp Diwali cracker!!!

Akki is back this Diwali with one of his favourite directors Vipul Shah with whom he has had 3 hits to add along with "Singh is King" where Vipul was the producer. The concept of time travel has been explored in Bollywood before also & here too they have made use of that concept. The movie is definitely the copy of Michael Fox starrer "Back to the Future", though the makers intended to give the credit to a Gujarati play. The plot involves Bunty (Aditya Roy Kapoor) being afraid to enter into a marriage with his girlfriend Tanya since he has been witness to his parents being on each other's throat at every moment. Tanya's grandfather Prof.Antony Gonzalves (Randhir Hapoor) has created a time machine & when he gives Bunty a deadline to decide on Tanya...Bunty decides to travel to the past & make things right between his parents.

The subject matter definitely had scope to be explored well..however the screenplay by Suresh Nair, Ritesh Shah and Aatish Kapadia falls flat. There isnt much of a plot & everything looks so lacked the punch to keep the audience interested. One major thing which I felt wanting was the humour was just not sufficient..a couple of chuckles here & there wont do the trick. They should have added more substance & packed with some more comedy. However, there is no denying the fact that the humour element is really enjoyable & definitely not of the slap stick genre which has been the case in recent Akki movies. The music by Pritam is pretty average & doesnt linger on after watching the movie..though "Zor ka jaktka" is amusing.

In the performance department. Akki (as Kishen: Bunty's dad) has given a good performance varying from being a loser to a winner. Ash (as Maya: Bunty's mom) has essayed the role of being an arrogant shrew to perfection. Aditya Roy (as Bunty) is really likeable & though this is his 2nd venture following the debacle London Dreams, it should hold him in good stead. Rannvijay (as Kundan) who plays the negative shade is disappointing & fails to make an impression. As for the remaining cast, the veteran stalwarts like Om Puri & Kiron Kher has been wasted while Neha Dhupia is hardly noticed. Rajpal Yadav (as Bhiku) does infuse laughs but he has been under utilised.

Verdict: The combination of Akki & Ash should get the box office bells ringing atleast for the initial few days owing to the long weekend due to Diwali. However I doubt it would be a hit....though it would recover its costs. In short, watch it if you are an Akki fan or else forget it!!!


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