Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jhootha Hi Sahi review: Trite & Predictable!!!

The first thing that attracts us to the movie is the tagline "From the makers of  "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na".To be frank that was the only factor which was likely to attract the audience as the star cast wasnt well known & the hero John Abraham has been going though a lean patch since New York.Even "Jaane Tu.." didnt have any known faces but it was fresh & engaging. So were the makers able to recreate the magic??? The plot involves a nerdy bookshop owner John (as Sid) having to become a suicidal helpline due to a printing mistake in the papers. Things takes a turn when he receives a call from Paakhi (as Mishka) who is on the verge of committing suicide due to a failed relationship. The question is whether John could help her out & what change it brings to both their lives...

Frankly speaking, the biggest flaw of this movie is the threadbare prdictable script & lack of chemistry between the lead pairs. Paakhi is also the writer for this movie & it lacks any freshness or punch to keep us engaged. Abbas Tyrewala (the director & husband of Paakhi) couldnt be expected to do justice with such a weak script...& so naturally the film falls flat. The first half is an absolute bore with hardly anything happening while the second half does have it light moments involving the friends of John & that keeps you entertained. The climax again is totally filmy & as it was reminiscent in "Jaane Tu.." there's a race against time. The music by AR Rahman is below par & fails to lift the mood of the movie.

In the performance department, John is the only saving grace & has come up with a refreshing change as the Clark Kent type character as opposed to the hunk that we know him. Paakhi lacks impact & her chemistry with John is an absolute zilch. As for the support cast, Raghuram (as Omar) is really good & surprises us with his humour as we have been familiar only to his mean & sadistic attitude in MTV Roadies. The rest doesnt have much to do & seems fine with the performances that they render.

Verdict: The movie is bound to sink without a trace..as I dont see much takers for this, except for couples preferring some privacy in the coolness of the Multiplex. So in short, I would suggest that you guys give this movie a miss!!!


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