Saturday, October 16, 2010

Anwar review : Disappointing!!!

This week heralded the release of  "Anwar" directed by Amal Neerad who is by now well known among the audiences for his stylish flicks be it  "Big B" or "Sagar Alias Jackie". After having worked the two stalwarts of Malayalam industry..he trained his eyes on the next big thing..the young superstar Prithviraj. He has been winning accolades for his performance in  "Raavanan" & was last seen in  the masala blockbuster "Pokkiriraja". So naturally there was a lot of expectation from the audience. Before going to the is a fleeting glance regarding the plot. The first thing which struck me about this movie is that its very clearly inspired from the Don Cheadle starrer "Traitor" with a couple of slight changes. It basically deals with Anwar (Prithviraj) being put in jail for a hawala case where he befriends Babu Seth (Lal),who is a suspect in the Coimbatore bomb blast. Needless to say, with time he becomes the trusted lieutenant of Babu...after having carried out a couple of blasts. This prompts Babu to entrust Anwar with a bigger mission by introducing him to Basheer bhai (Sampath).In the meantime, the police is hot on the heels of these guys under the leadership of ATS officer Stalin Manimaran (Prakashraj). The question remains as to whether Anwar can pull off the mission & why is he doing this or will Stalin track them down...for that you got to watch the movie.

The storyline is definitely a big let down...hardly anything happens in the first half & even in the latter half also when it tries to come up with something fails to inspire the audience. Another thing which is found is that many of the sequences are just a rehash of the previous it the hooded hero in the rain or climax in the beach or stun gun scene (Big B). However everything isnt negative...the biggest attraction of the movie is the excellent music by Gopi Sunder which is complimented by stunning visuals by Satheesh Kurup. "Kizhakkum Pokkum" rendered by Shreya Ghoshal is outstanding & is already a chart buster (reminds us of Kannalanae from Bombay)..along with "Kanninima Neele" By Shreya & Naresh Iyer (reminds us of Venilave from Sagar Alias Jackie). A special mention goes to the song "Njan" rendered by Prithvi & Mamtha which is really cool & has some great choreography as well.

Coming to performances, Prithviraj has performed decently given the scope of the movie. Prakashraj essays a role similar to Pashupathy in Big B, Lal seems adequate while Mamtha & Sampath is hardly seen. The editing of the movie is pretty slick just as in his previous flicks with the blasts being shot excellently..however there is no denying the fact that slow motion sequences are used a bit too that after a point of time you squirm in your seats.

Verdict: So coming to the verdict of the movie..I would term it pretty disappointing, as the movie definitely lacks a good storyline. It might garner good initials owing to the fresh combo of Prithvi & Amal...but I doubt whether it will become a hit. So in my opinion. its not worth enough to be watched in a theatre unless you are a Prithvi fan.. or else you may as well check it out when it comes online or on TV!!!!


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