Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anjaana Anjaani review: Average!!!

The impending Ayodhya verdict made the movie to be released a week later than expected..but then the verdict had also postponed. However that didnt seem to impact the excellent opening of Anjaana Anjaani in the North....while it was barely noticed in the South owing to the release of the magnum opus of Rajini "Enthiran". Well, Anjaana Anjaani was an eagerly awaited movie as it had a fresh star cast..with two of the most talented stars among the younger generation coming together for the first time. The promos were also able to create a buzz as it looked different..but is it actually good??. The plot basically involves two strangers meeting on a bridge with the intention of committing suicide...Ranbir (as Akash) had lost all his money when the stock market crashes while Priyanka (as Kiara) was coming off a broken affair. They eventually confide their problems to each other & plan to work out their suicide together...inspite of repeated attempts they fail to carry it off..eventually making them believe that they might have some unfinished stuff to do & decide on embarking on a journey for 20 days to fulfill all their wishes. What happens at the end of 20 days & whether they do find each other as their soul mates forms the crux of the movie.

Coming to the performance department, Ranbir has delivered a decent act though there isnt much he has to do here & the same goes with Priyanka as well. Ranbir is definitely at ease essaying his role to perfection but it definitely lacks a punch owing to not much variation in his characterization. As for the story by Mamta Anand...though it has a pretty unique opening, it falters thereafter. The idea of commiting suicide & the antics they do..is really childish & fails to evoke laughs also. The predictable storyline also takes away much of the interest in the second half. However, the chemistry the two share on screen is top notch but other than that there isnt much to look foward to. Vishal Shekhar has definitely come up with some good music & thats definitely a plus point for the movie.

Verdict: With Ranbir & Priyanka being in the movie...it naturally harbours high hopes..but for me the experience was definitely disappointing.As far as my opinion goes, its just average & those who arent so much into Ranbir or Priyanka may as well avoid it.Its definitely not going to make the single screen theatres go gaga & much of its fate lies in the multiplex collections!!!!


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