Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aakrosh review: Refreshing change from Priyan!!!!

After churning out comedies by the dozen, Priyan has come up with an interesting venture "Aakrosh" which basically deals with the issue of honour killings which is hogging the headlines on a regular basis. Priyan has always shown that he is an expert when it comes to copying movies & making it palatable for the target audience whether its Malayalam or Bollywood. Over here also the story isnt much different, as Aakrosh is an Indianised version of the Gene Hackman-Willian Dafoe starrer "Mississippi burning", which was a brilliant movie & had many Academy nominations. The plot involves the missing of three medical students in the area of Jhanjar which happens to be the hometown of one of them.The CBI is brought into action to crack the case under the charge of Siddhant (Akshaye Khanna) & his subordinate Pratap (Ajay Devgan). As the movie unfolds it addresses the conflicts between castes & how even the police is hand in hand with the upper strata of religion. The crux of the movie lies in the fact whether the CBI can make the villagers overcome fear to become witnesses & can they get the wrongdoers behind bars????

The story is really hard hitting & a welcome change from the usual comedy fare of Priyan. Though the basic format is copied..Priyan has Indianised it really well by clubbing it with a prevalent issue. In the performance department, Ajay & Akshaye has done justice to their roles but for me the best was Paresh Rawal as the corrupt police officer. He is at his vintage best that you cant help hating the character he plays...a throwback to the yester years when he only did villainous roles.Bipasha as the wife of Paresh is decent while Reema Sen has given a credible job.

Another aspect of the movie which deserves special praise is the chase sequence of Ajay on the rooftops which is top notch stuff. The movie however has it downsides as fails to sustain the intensity at times which is natural as its a shade too long.

Verdict: So how will the movie fare???? hmm..thts a pretty tough question..Priyan has definitely delivered a good movie but the overall product is pretty grim & doesnt have any music or humour. So that might be a turn off for certain sections of audience. As far as my opinion goes, you will enjoy it if you like reality stuff or else its better you avoid it!!!


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