Thursday, October 7, 2010

Enthiran review: Best Sci-fi movie of India!!!!

The ultimate demi-god of Indian celluloid is back...the one & only RAJINI. Its been 3 years since his last film Sivaji was released & now he is back with an even better & bigger venture "Enthiran". Touted as the most expensive movie ever to be made in India...with a staggering 160 odd crores being pumped into the making of this ambitious project of Shankar. He has always come up with movies which has a huge canvas with money being spent lavishly. Enthiran was initially written with Kamal Hasan in mind..but when that deal didnt work out..he went to SRK, who also pulled out of the venture before finalising the venture with Rajini. After having always dealt with themes revolving around corruption...he decided to side step that & came up with a refreshing which involved a lot of vision & risk.The plot basically involves  Dr.Vaseegaran (Rajini), a brilliant scientist creating a humanoid robot resembling himself  (Chitti (also Rajini)). The intention of Dr.Vaseegara is to induct humanoids like Chitti into the Army & cut down on the loss of human life..however his mentor Dr.Bora (Danny Denzongpa), who has also been trying the same thing but for monetary benefits rejects Chitti stating its just an inference machine & could be detrimental to mankind itself. Things take a turn, when Vaseegaran inducts feelings into Chitti who in turn starts developing feelings for Sana (Aishwarya Rai), (Vaseegara's fiance) . What then follows, is a fight between man vs machine & how Chitti turns towards the dark side albeit some changes.

The story by Shankar is definitely refreshing..but some guys might say that it has similarilty to "Bicentennial Man",well that similarity ends with the humanoid developing feelings. He has written the story with a great deal of vision coz its very easy to get carried away with lot of special effects & end up making a movie which is a Hollywood copy. This movie is definitely Indian in all sense with Western technology incorporated in an appropriate way rather than making it appear awkward as has been the case in many of the previous attempts by Bollywood. 

The story however has its flaws, though the first half just breezes through..the second half is a shade too long. Though the story keeps you engrossed...a couple of scenes could have been cut to maintain the pace of the movie..especially the Kalabhavan Mani sequence which was added just as an intro to another song & the last song as well which seem to be forced into the script. Coming to music, Rahman hasnt delivered his best..with Irumbile & Kilimanjaro being the best among the lot. However,cinematography by Ratnavelu has been top it Macchu Picchu of Peru or the oasis of Brazil.

Coming to the performance department, Rajini as Chitti especially in the second half is just fantastic to say the least. He has essayed the role of the dark Chitti with such ease that you are left wanting for more. Aishwarya has done a decent job & looks as beautiful as ever with Danny in a brief role as the evil mentor being adequate.Aishwarya was just fantastic in the Irumbile song & also in the Chitti dance as the choreography by Raju Sundaram & Claudia Bruckmann was excellent. The comic relief provided by Santhanam-Karuna duo is hardly noticed...since Rajini just takes over all the roles with equal finesse.However, the main attraction & the biggest plus points for this magnum opus are the brilliant stunts carried out by Wong Poo (of Matrix fame),the special effects by Industrial Light & Magic (of Avatar,Star Wars,Titanic) & animatronics by Stan Winston Studios (of Terminator 2, Jurassic Park).

Verdict: All in all, its a must watch movie whether you are a Rajini fan or not...& definitely watch it in theatre coz the special effects are the best ever you would have seen in an Indian movie.To be frank, it even pales many of the Hollywood counterparts in terms of technical expertise. In terms of collection, as per official reports it grossed 200 crores in just 3 I have to say more???? Its on its way to being the biggest ever Indian blockbuster of all time!!!!! 


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