Sunday, December 8, 2013

Punyalan Agarbattis review: "Scent of this humorous satire vitalise our senses!!!"

Just a couple of weeks more & we would have come to the end of an eventful year for the Malayalam industry which witnessed numerous well made films. Jayasurya had a pretty mixed year with some hitting the bull's eye like "Philips & the Monkey Pen", "Mumbai Police" etc. while others like "English" failing to impress. He would be looking to finish the year on a high with Ranjith Sankar's "Punyalan Agarbattis". The signs seems promising but will it hit the jackpot???

Joy Thakkolkaran (Jayasurya) is an educated Thrissur businessman who has been trying to make a mark in the world with his innovative ideas. The latest of his masterplans involves making agarbattis from elephant dung. However, his business venture "Punyalan Agarbattis" fails to take off as the Devaswom Board refuses to hand over the raw material to him for the simple reason that he is a Christian. Joy wages a legal battle & finally emerges victorious; only to see that this was just the beginning of his travails. Can his positive spirit see him through or will he succumb to the dirty politics???

Frankly speaking, I have been a huge fan of Ranjith Sankar's films as it always projected problems & helplessness that a commoner feels on the face of adversity be it "Passenger", "Arjunan Sakshi" etc. Here also, he has judged the pulse of the audience & has produced an endearing yet humorous satire on the harthals that's been plaguing our state since years. I didnt feel any sense of lagging as it entertains throughout the whole period coming across as clean humor without ever resorting to double meaning which galore in movies nowadays. Sujith Vasudev has done a decent job with the cinematography while Bijibal's music was hummable & in sync with the mood of the film with "Aashichavan" rendered by Jayasurya being my personal favourite.

The main aspect of Jayasurya which I find really commendable is his commitment to always experiment with his looks and roles, though inevitably most of the times it fails to impart the desired impact. But over here, Jayasurya was fantastic & will rate as one of his best ever performances landing him with an elusive solo hit. Sunil Sukhada was an absolute scream along with Sreejith Ravi but hope that the latter doesnt get typecasted like Baburaj.  Rachana, Aju Varghese & Nyla Usha all deserves a word of praise for their act. The rest of the cast have also all done their roles aptly.

Verdict: Already the reports are coming in that it's doing well in all the release centres.Whatever positive word of mouth that I have heard prior to watching it was totally justified. In short, dont miss it!!!

Rating: 3.75/5


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