Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thira review: "Likely to garner a tsunamic response!!!"

The last couple of months has witnessed an ebb in the amount of films being released in Bangalore, for reasons unknown. Anywaz with "Geetanjali" having a same day release here in the previous week, I hope there will be more to follow suit. This Friday witnessed the release of Vineeth Sreenivasan's "Thira" with Shobhana donning the grease paint after a hiatus. I have already come across quite a few who had said good things about the movie. So I was more than eager to check it out & this is how I felt about it.

Dr. Rohini (Shobhana) is a renowned cardiologist who had recently lost her journalist husband, Pranab to suspicious circumstances. The Police had closed the case stating that he had died of natural causes after being caught in a paedophilic raid. Even the media was spreading allegations that "Arpan", the NGO run by Dr.Rohini was nothing more than a supply source for sex racket. To make matters worse, all the girls from her NGO gets abducted.  At the same time, in another part of the city Naveen (Dhyan Sreenivasan) witnesses his sister being kidnapped in broad daylight in front of his eyes. Seeing the nonchalant attitude of the authorities, Naveen embarks on a wild goose chase to save his sister & that's when he crosses paths with Dr. Rohini. Both of them join forces to rescue the girls when they realise that the people behind the heinous crimes are the same.

Vineeth Sreenivasan can be termed as a multi-faceted genius, since not only is he blessed with an excellent voice but his previous directorial ventures had also hit the bull's eye. With "Thira", Vineeth has taken his directorial credentials to a whole new level & it's definitely the best among his films.  Rakesh Mantodi has come up with a riveting script with cliched dialogues at times & though there are quite a few having similar storylines like "Karmayodha", "Trade" (which I havent seen but stated by many from which it has been ripped off)...I found this pretty refreshing. The film kicks off from the word go without spoon feeding the audience with the intros of the characters & they maintain the pace throughout. However, I found the climax quite clumsy & hasty but I absolutely loved the closing sequence.

If at all there was someone who could do justice to Rohini's role, then it would be only Shobhana. Actually I feel Vineeth wasn't able to make full use of her acting capabilities. Dhyan has definitely made his accomplished Dad & Bro proud of what he has done in this film, though he needs to put some serious work in his dubbing as it seemed more like aping his brother. Deepak Parambol was quite menacing as the dealer and suited the part.

Shaan's music was fantastic especially Theerathe Neelunne & Thaazhvaram rendered by Vineeth & Hesham respectively. Even though the camera was shaking like crazy in the tense sequences & was kinda too strainful for the eyes, Jomon deserves praise for the visuals & the colour tone maintained. The editing plays a crucial role in thrillers & Ranjan Abraham was spot on, with the BGM providing apt support without being jarring. 

Verdict:  Shobhana is back with a bang & yet again proves as to why she is considered as one of the best ever actresses in the country. The dialogues do appear cliched at times with a hurried climax, but there is no doubt the film has substance & freshness even if some might belittle it stating it's a rip off. In short, it's Vineeth's best film to date...so dont miss it!!!

Rating: 4.25/5


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  1. Seems like an interesting movie. Will watch it when it is available with English sub titles.

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