Saturday, December 14, 2013

Silence review: "Silent at the box-office within a few shows!!!"

Ever since "Mumbai Police" & "Memories" released, the expectations associated with thrillers has quite literally sky rocketed as it emphasized the caliber of the new script writers in the industry. So when I first saw the trailer of Mammookka's "Silence", I was literally thrilled as it looked damn good. But did it actually deliver what it implied to promise???

Aravind Chandrasekhar (Mammootty) is the best lawyer in town with an impeccable career record & that eventually led him to be bestowed with the honour of being the Judge of the Karnataka High Court. Prior to the sworn in ceremony, he undertakes a family trip to his home town & that's when he receives an anonymous phone call challenging him to a hide & seek game. Though he initially neglects it as a prank call, subsequent numerous tense moments in his family makes him sit up & pay heed. But who is he & why is he after Aravind???

V K Prakash is one of those directors for whom "Arabhashuratham" is the best word that describes him. Most of the times he starts off well & then it spirals downwards culminating in a mish-mashed climax which is pretty much the case here as well. But a significant portion of the blame here falls squarely on Y V Rajesh, whose screenplay lacked any sense of conviction or credibility very much like the mediocre stuff "3 Kings" which he cooked up before. The first half was engaging but that was about it as the latter half showcased nothing apart from Mammookka taking long walks & indulged in deep thought.

Mammootty was impressive & looked awesome as the protagonist but with such a spineless latter half even he couldn't salvage it. Anoop Menon was fine while Pallavi Purohit as Mammookka's wife barely had anything to do. The rest of the cast like Joy Mathew, Aparna Nair, Basil etc. did their roles aptly. Mahesh Narayanan could have done a much better job with the editing as the latter half crawls at times inspite of a running time of less than 2 hours. Manoj Khatoi has done an impressive job with the cinematography while Ratheesh Vegha's music didnt have much to write about. 

Verdict:  Many a time I have noticed that when the makers talk about technical brilliance, stunts or visuals, it more or less implies that the film doesnt have anything more. The same happened here as well with the car chase & underwater stunts being highlighted prior to release, which wasn't great to be frank. As far as my opinion goes, the film disappoints big time after an engaging first half!!!

Rating: 2.25/5



  1. Ben 2.25 rating is very very high for this film it dosnt even deserve a star 1, I watched it in a theater with just 4 people in total and that too it was after 3 days of release, such a pathetic film, even though the name was "silence" the film never had it , every turn mammotty makes was accompanied with loud shit music . I was even planning to write to you to dont waste time going for it

    1. Well I liked the first half that's why I gave it. Anywaz the situation here in Bangalore was comparatively better but I was sure there will be none after the first few shows which explains my heading. Seems like the Big M's are making critical mistakes in choosing scripts on a regular basis.