Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum review: "Families will flock albeit an average script!!!"

After three hits on the trot, Lal Jose is back with his latest venture "Pullipulikalum Aattinkutiyum" for this festive season. Inspite of a plethora of releases, there is no doubt that Lal Jose's credentials will ensure that it will garner an impressive initial. The promos showcases it to be a fun filled romantic entertainer with an interesting array of actors led by Chakochan. So will Lal Jose continue his golden run???

Chakattutharayil Gopan aka Chakka Gopan (Chackochan) is the youngest among four brothers who earns his livelihood from the houseboat that he maintains in the serene backwaters of Kuttanad. In order to further flourish his business, he acquires the services of Kaniakari Jayasree (Namitha Pramod), a talented dancer & before long they fall in love. Unfortunately for Gopan, each & every day was compounded with problems thanks to his loafer brothers. If Gopan was the cynosure of the villagers, his brothers were the embodiment of public ridicule who reveled in creating mayhem, the brunt of which was eventually borne by him. If that wasn't enough, he happened to rub the local wealthy landlord Kavalykal Kuriyachan (Shammi Thilakan) the wrong way. In short, how Gopan deals with all these issues forms the crux of the movie. 

Lal Jose is always known to make clean family entertainers & he doesnt disappoint this time as well. However, the same cannot be said about Sindhuraj's script which was average at best & if it wasnt for Lal Jose's execution...the film would have been a sitting duck. The film has a very predictable storyline with a reasonably humorous first half & a passable latter half. Though Vidyasagar's music wasn't quite upto the mark, S.Kumar deserves a pat on the back for his impressive visuals.

Chackochan has done a good job though I felt Dileep could have fared better maybe due to the uncanny similarity in the initial parts to "Marykundoru Kunjaadu". Namitha Pramod has done an impressive job along with Suraj, who finally got something different to perform. The pullipulikal essayed by Irshad, Joju & Shiju has done a decent job and was ably supported by Shammi Thilakan, Harisree Ashokan & the others.

Verdict:  Lal Jose's credentials & the fun filled promos will ensure that the film will garner a good initial. Actually in all probability, this will be the first choice for the families as it's a clean entertainer. From a personal point of view, the script is pretty average but Lal Jose's execution should render it to be a hit!!!

Rating: 2.5/5


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