Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kunjananthante Kada review: "Wish the script was as impressive as Mammookka"!!!

Call it good fortune or a conscious attempt to cash in, but it has been raining movies in Bangalore inspite of the decision of the Anti Piracy Cell a couple of months back to delay the release here. Anywaz among the deluge of films which released this week, the one which got my attention was Mammooka's "Kunjananthante Kada", after all the legend needs to get his act together after the disappointing "Kadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty". Mammooka has given himself a good chance considering the credentials of Salim Ahamed who was the toast of the industry for "Adaminte Makan Abu". So can Salim do it again???

Kunjananthan (Mammooka) is the owner of a small stationary shop in the serene bylanes of Vattipuram which was popular among one & all as a transit point for all kind of services. But what made the shop even more conspicuous was the upright nature of Kunjananthan who harboured an innate sense of duty to create awareness among his fellow beings to social issues through his posters, not to forget his guts to speak his mind & finicky nature to cleanliness. But all wasnt well with him, be it the frigid relationship he shared with his wife or the repeated requests by the land owner, Nambiar (Siddique) to vacate his shop, which was more like an embodiment of his father's spirit rather than a structure with bricks & stones. As if this wasnt enough, he was further burdened by the Goverment's decision to widen the roads which would effectively mean the destruction of his shop. So can Kunjananthan save his shop???

After reaping awards by the bucketfuls for "Adaminte Makan Abu", Salim Ahamed is back with his latest venture which he has penned as well just as before. There is no doubt that the film has some worthy moments be it Kunjananthan's attachment to his shop or the relationship with his wife. But apart from this, the script doesnt have much to write home about & culminates in an average climax. As for other aspects, Jayachandran's music & rendition was fantastic, but it was too short. One funny mistake which I noticed was that there is a scene in which the song "Muthu Chippi" from "Thattathin Marayathu" is played but the song being shown on TV was "Kanninnullil Nee Kanmani" from "Trivandrum Lodge".

Even though the script has come short, Mammooka was spot on as the protagonist be it with his Kannur slang or body language, but it didnt pose much of a challenge for the legend. Nyla as Chithra was impressive & stands on an even footing with the legend. As for the rest of the cast, all of them have done justice to their roles be it Siddique, Balachandra Menon or Salim Kumar.

Verdict: Inspite of a plethora of releases, this will have an impressive opening thanks to the after effects of "Adaminte Makan Abu" & Mammooka. Even though, there is nothing to trash the movie about the script could have done much more justice considering the caliber of the cast it had on offer. In short, check it out!!!

Rating: 2.75/5


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