Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty review: "Ranjith's magic on the wane!!!"

Ever since "Kadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty" has been announced, there has always been some news or the other related to it in the media. The hype is quite understandable considering the various personalities connected to it be it Ranjith-Mammooka's combo, Prithviraj's production & Lalettan's guest appearance. Already I have heard mixed to negative reactions to the film & with the satellite rights being sold to Asianet at an astronomical amount of 5.75 C, the question that everyone has is whether it was justified??? Hmm..well this is how I felt...

There's a popular saying that it's virtually impossible to find a place where Malayalis haven't inhabited, be it even the moon. Well, bearing testimony to this fact is an obscure place in Germany known as Mettmann where the Malayali Association is gearing up for their silver jubilee celebrations. So as part of their grand plans, the Association entrusts Mathukutty (Mammookka) to arrange a star nite led by Lalettan & troupe. Being a hen-pecked husband, Mathukutty was waiting for a chance to go to Kerala & grabs the opportunity with glee. In addition to this assignment, he also plans a trip to his hometown, Plankamon which he hasn't visited for years. Little did he realise that his sojourn was going to be like being from fire to frying pan.

In the last few years, if the audience had to name one director whose films are eagerly awaited..then undoubtedly in majority of the cases the choice would be Ranjith. However, his latest venture has pretty much quashed all such expectations as the script is downright ordinary, with hardly any substance except for some gimmicks in the form of Lalettan & a couple of humorous scenes. Similarly, none of the technical aspects also deserves special mention.

There is a limit to which how much an actor can carry the movie on his shoulders especially when the script is below par. Inspite of that, Mammookka expectedly imparts an impressive performance as the timid hen pecked husband. As for the rest of the cast, apart from Tini Tom & Muthumani no one deserves special mention.

Verdict: Thanks to the hype the film would have garnered an impressive initial but from then on it is bound to be a downhill journey. The film offers neither anything new nor anything different, so you may as well check it on Asianet!!!

Rating: 2.5/5


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