Saturday, August 17, 2013

Memories review: "Prithvi on a roll!!!"

One of the greatest challenge for any actor is to live upto expectations & with Prithvi growing in stature with each passing movie, this is quite natural. Among the plethora of releases, one of the prominent ones to grace the screens for this Ramzan was Jeethu Joseph's Prithviraj starrer "Memories". Unfortunately, for movie lovers like me...the film was released in Bangalore just yesterday & by now, I have come across many people lavishing praises on the film. Hmm, naturally it has increased my expectations will it satiate my anticipation???

The job of the police force can be quite unforgiving at times as the officer puts the life of even his family on the line & Sam Alex (Prithviraj), one of the best in the force was a living example of such a tragedy. The incident reduced him to a pale image of his former self & alcohol seems to be his only resort for solace. It was at this juncture that duty comes calling in the form of a series of random murders which has baffled everyone. But is Sam upto the challenge & is there more to the murders than what seems to the eye???

Frankly speaking, I wasn't quite impressed with Jeethu Joseph's previous venture "My Boss" though it was a blockbuster. So my initial reaction when I heard about "Memories" was kinda circumspect, but after watching it I do have to admit he has proved me wrong fair & square. The plot & characterization was fantastic for which how much ever applause given is totally justified. At times, there are some fleeting glimpses of Sherlock Holmes & "Grandmaster", but the film has a soul of its own. Even the initial credits were shot impressively & reminded me of Tarantino's style. In a thriller like this, BGM & editing plays significant roles  & both Anil Johnson and John Kutty has to be appreciated on jobs well done. 

After many of his movies biting the dust, Prithviraj is well & truly back in his elements with all his recent films being both critically & commercially acclaimed. Over here as well, Prithviraj was absolutely brilliant as the heart broken alcoholic officer with angst & distress written on his face. Not even once does his body language goes over the top nor does it succumb to stereotypical cliches. As for the rest, they have done their jobs aptly including the villain whose name I'm not revealing as it will be a spoiler.

Verdict: Undoubtedly, one of the best thriller in recent times & Prithvi is in top notch form with Sam Alex being on par or even better than Antony Moses of "Mumbai Police". In short, don't think twice, do yourself a favour & watch it!!!

Rating: 4.75/5


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