Thursday, December 27, 2012

Matinee review: "Deserves more matinee shows!!!"

Last few years has witnessed an exodus of films with its core themes focusing on the hardships faced by the starry eyed film aspirants trying to make it big on the 70mm screen be it "Best Actor", "Cinema Company" etc. However majority of the films spoke about the protagonists achieving their aim by the end of the film.So it was naturally a pleasant surprise when the debutant director Aneesh Upasana proclaimed that his venture "Matinee" will lay bare the reality of many such aspirants condemned to obscurity after their dreams got shattered.

Najeeb (Maqbool Salman) is the heir apparent to a reputed orthodox Muslim household who believes he was destined to don the grease rather than confining himself behind the desk of his father's flourishing business. Finally luck bestows him with the opportunity to play the lead for a flick titled "Puthuvasantham" with Savithri rechristened as Nisha (Mythili) slated to play the female lead. Nisha's life was quite the opposite  of Najeeb as she had to put up with the tortures inflicted on her by her wayward father. However,both their lives changed for the worse after the release when it became evident that their film has been splattered with soft porn to woo in the audience. Both of them gets banished from their households & lands up in Chennai seeking a solution to their woes but to no avail. Though Najeeb seeks redemption, Nisha realizes that the only way forward was to continue her career in soft porn films. 

This is without doubt one of the best subjects that has come out this year. Penned by Anil Narayanan, the script looks into an aspect of tinsel land that many of us aren't aware of. Being a debutant, Aneesh is lucky that he had the backing of a credible script which he executed pretty well. Another curious feature that I observed that this might be the film which has thanked the maximum no. of persons towards its making as it kept scrolling for a pretty long time. Ratheesh Vega's music was average though the item song "Ayalathe Veetile" was a rage in youtube. 

After Dulquer's dream debut, now it's time for his cousin Maqbool to live upto the name of his legendary uncle, Mammooka. Though he played a brief role in "Asuravithu", this is truly his launch pad & he has done an impressive job as he seemed an apt choice for the role. Mythili unleashes an even better performance rendering out her frustrations mouthing obscenities. As for the rest of the cast, they have done a decent job as well.

Verdict: With Xmas films ruling the roost now, the film has more or less left the screens, However, with a better release startegy it should have raked in more revenue. Anywaz, I would suggest that you guys should definitely give it a try as & when you get a chance!!!

Rating: 3.5/5


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