Monday, December 31, 2012

Da Thadiya review: "Aashiq Abu strikes gold yet again!!!"

Just a couple of hours more to herald 2013 & it just crossed my mind that I had forgotten to upload my review on Aashiq Abu's X'mas offering "Da Thadiya". Actually I have been attending a host of functions & munching on the goodies in the past one week, that I was strapped for time. Call it coincidence but my over-indulgence on pastries have got me struggling with a bulging waist line which has made my Mom to state that unless I diet I will be a thadiyan soon. Hmm...I better start having some diet control but I wonder how the protagonist of the film managed???

Luka John Prakash (Shekhar Menon) is the scion of a small time political party headed by his father, John Prakash (Maniyanpilla Raju) & uncle, Jose Prakash (Edavela Babu). Since childhood, Luka had an intense craving for food which made him swell up into a 120 kg giant. But he was a gentle giant at heart & loved by all as he harboured a helping mentality towards his fellow beings. His cousin, Sunny aka Shaddi (Sreenath Bhasi) absolutely adored him & knew that the only thing which made Luka weak in his knees was his soft corner for Ann Marie (Ann Augustine). Due to her insistence, Luka agrees to enroll into an Ayurvedic slimming programme run by the dashing, magnetic young guru Rahul Vaidyar (Nivin Pauly). So will Luka be able to resist the craving pangs???

The reason why Aashiq Abu clicked in "Salt N Pepper" was due to his treatment of the subject in sync with the mannerisms & thought process of the present generation without resorting to superhuman stuff. That's exactly what he has replicated in his latest venture as well. Though the script wasn't anything out of the ordinary but the screenplay & dialogues works big time. However, the second half had a couple of sequences which did hamper the tempo. I do agree that "Enthanu bhai" is quite a hit in social network, but frankly speaking I didnt quite enjoy it as it seemed they were trying hard to portray it as being hip but Bijibal's "Allah allah..." was a treat for the senses. 

Shekhar Menon is a well known face in the party circuit as he is an established DJ in Cochin. There is no doubt that the role has been tailor made for him & he has done total justice to it. Inspite of being a debutant, he seemed quite at ease facing the camera & mouthing the lines. But when it comes to getting the best lines, that credit goes to Sreenath and he was damn impressive. Nivin Pauly have made a name for himself by being the good guy many a time, but if you ask me he is even better & a natural when essaying characters with shades of grey. As for the rest of the cast, they have done their parts aptly.

Verdict: Among the Xmas releases, "Da Thadiya" & "Bavutty" are the ones that have actually garnered positive responses. So in short, eat, drink & make merry watching this enjoyable film!!!

Rating: 3/5


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