Friday, December 28, 2012

Karmayodha review: "Relevant subject but average execution!!!"

Among all the films that has released this Xmas, if there is one person who would be having a laid back confident smirk on the face then it has to be Lalettan. Both Dileep & him are the only two stars who has been having box office success by the bucketfuls in the past 2 years. Seeking to round off this successful year, Lalettan has collaborated with Major Ravi in his latest venture "Karmayodha". The question now is whether it's gonna be yet another drag like "Kandahar" or does Major Ravi has something new to offer???

Madhavan Menon aka Mad Maddy (Mohanlal) is a ruthless encounter specialist with the Mumbai Police. His modus operandi was to eliminate the enemy after extracting the necessary info & he prefers getting it done alone. The latest assignment that has been entrusted upon Mad Maddy was the abduction of a young girl  the clues of which eventually leads him to Kerala. Very soon he stumbles upon disturbing facts about a flourishing sex racket in the region headed by Khais Khanna (Murali Sharma). Naturally as one would expect, Mad Maddy prevails in the end.

Finally Major Ravi has emerged from the barracks & gathered courage to pen a script not related to the Armed Forces, Frankly speaking, his choice of subject is praise worthy as its relevant to the present times but it meanders to a very predictable & loud climax. The film does have its moments with Lalettan playing to the gallery in full earnest with his style & nonchalant attitude. Coming to the music, neither did it have scope nor does M.G Sreekumar has the talent; he should rather stick on with playback singing. 

If it wasnt for Lalettan, this film wouldnt have survived the opening weekend. Lalettan was brilliant as Mad Maddy & virtually carries the movie on his shoulders trying to make up for the flaws in the script. Murali Sharma as the psychic villain was mediocre & was a pain for the senses. As for the rest, I dont remember anyone having much of a role as it was a one-man show.

Verdict: Among all the Xmas films, this will have the best initial collections over the opening weekend which will go a long way in ensuring that the film is a viable venture. With reviews likely to hover from average to bad, the film wont have much of a run unlike other Lalettan films of this year. In short, its average & predictable, so you can afford to give it a miss!!!

Rating: 2/5



  1. It was clearly ripped off from the english movie "taken". Direction was below average. The editing, camera and finally the script was totally crap.

    1. Totally agree with you bro...that's why I mentioned that the only reason why it was watchable was solely due to Lalettan, if not you can afford to give it a miss