Saturday, December 1, 2012

Face 2 Face review: "Leaner patch than Sachin!!!"

Whenever Lady Luck is smiling, she does so with such luminosity that we are blinded with happiness. But once that period phases out, then it seems like nothing in this world could make things work in our favour which is exactly what Mammooka has been experiencing since the past 2 years. All his movies during this period has been duds thanks to an outrageous choice of films that questions has been raised over his continued presence in films. Pushed against a wall, Mammookka is now counting on V.M Vinu's "Face 2 Face", to provide him with some breathing space. So is there any scope of hope??? Hmm... signs are quite bleak.

CI Balachandran (Mammootty) has been under constant suspensions as he had rubbed quite a number of big shots on the wrong side owing to his fierce honesty to his uniform. Sick with the treatment meted out to him by the political honchos, he makes a living striking gold in the real estate business. At around this time, the state is rocked by the brutal murder of Thomas Punchakadan, son of political king-pin Varghese Punchakadan (Vijayaraghavan) who happened to be responsible for the latest suspension of Balachandran. So was it divine justice or did Balachandran have a hand in this planned murder???

V.M Vinu's efforts to make an enthralling thriller has fallen flat owing to an absolute non-existent second half. I wonder what Manoj Payanoor was smoking as he seems to have gone absolute bonkers in the latter half after a pretty decent first half. The only thing which is worth mentioning is the sly dialogues along with some engaging investigative anecdotes in the first half. Lesser said about the music by Alphonse the better as it did nothing than irritating the ear drums & disrupt the flow of the film, while the other technical aspects were average at best.

What do I say about Mammooka??? As always he has done a decent job but reduced to an on-looker towards the end. There is no doubt that he seems to have lost all sense of logic or else how do you explain his crappy choice of films in the past 2 years. As for the rest of the cast, none of them deserves even a mention.

Verdict: Considering Mammooka's recent track record, the film will open to very low expectations which should have done the film a world of good. But so pathetic was the second half that it was able to breach even such low expectations. In short, dont watch it or leave after watching upto interval!!!

Rating: 2/5


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