Sunday, September 5, 2010

We are family review : A melodrama which is just not appealing enough!!!

Finally Bollywood comes up with a movie which has legally secured the Hollywood copyrights rather than shamelessly ripping it off & just stating it was barely influenced. "We are Family" is the remake of the Susan Sarandon-Julia Roberts starrer "Stepmom" i guess there is no need to elaborate on the plot as most of us must have watched the original. Anywaz for those who havent,  Kajol (as Maya) & Arjun (as Aman) are a divorced couple but still maintains a good relationship for the sake of their 3 kids. Arjun in the meantime is in an affair with Kareena (as Shreya)...& though he tries to introduce her to his kids & Kajol...things doesnt work out well.The film takes a turn when Kajol is diagnosed with cancer & how she decides upon Kareena to take her place.

Coming to the performance department, Kajol as always steals the show & manages to infuse life into every frame that she appears. Kareena is able to hold her own in front of the brilliant Kajol...though we definitely feel that she has been wasted.But there is no denying the fact that Kareena was the right choice for that role since any other female would not have been able to match upto Kajol.As for Arjun, he is definitely growing in stature with each passing movie & is able to emote much better nowadays. As for the gets really slow in the 2nd half & even for the 1st time watchers the climax is written on the wall. The cold war brewing between the leading ladies is brilliantly shot be it the sarcastic remarks or the cold stares.The climax is the staple diet meant for weepers..& for those who love senti stuff...hankies will be in much demand.
The major letdown of the movie is definitely the music by Shankar Ehsaan loy...except for Jailhouse Rock...nothing else is impressive. The background score is impressive & able to tug at your heart strings. The directorial debut of Siddharth Malhotra is kind of encouraging.....though a much more well written 2nd half could have made it better.

Verdict: All in all, "We are family" a decent one time watch for those who love melodramatic stuff!!!!


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