Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dabangg review: Masses will lap this up!!!

Ramzan heralded the release of the much awaited Salman Khan starrer "Dabaang" which also happened to be the launch vehicle for Sonakshi Sinha (daughter of the khamosh guy "Shatrughna Sinha). The impressive promos has more than been able to infuse a sense of anticipation even before its release. So is it actually so good???..coming to the plot, its just old wine in a new bottle. The films reminds you of the Hindi movies of the 70s & 80s where the hero bashes up the bad guys & eventually culminating in a happy ending. The movie is set in rural UP, where Chulbul Pandey aka Robinhood Pandey (Salman) is a corrupt yet adorable cop who loots from the goons & passes on some of the loot to the needy. Then as its reminiscent in yester year movies there's the angle of half brother rivalry, friction with step-father which is been utilised by the villain to their gain.

The director Abhinav Kashyap has come up with an average story line with nothing new that the audience hasnt been subjected to. So what will make this movie work???  the answer is just the one & only....SALMAN. Salman has definitely come up with one of his best performances in recent times...he is totally at ease essaying Chulbul whose character is punctuated with spurts of comic timing & great action. He plays to the whims & fancies of the masses..... you get your money's worth with his comic one liners & new style of brandishing a pencil moustache & a Ray Ban dangling from his back collar. As for the remaining cast, Sonu Sood (as the villanous Chaddi Singh) has been able to stand up to Salman but the remaining are just pedestrian & overshadowed by Salman. Sonakshi (as Rajo) has been good in striking up romance with Salman & delivers a decent performance for a new comer.

The most endearing about the movie is the action sequences which has been choreographed by S.Vijayan. As is evident from his land of upbringing, Vijayan has dished out the kind of action sequences which are evident in Tamil & Telugu macho movies...with many gravity defying stunts. Another thing which stands out in the movie is the music by Sajid Wajid..."Munni Badnam hui..." is already a chart buster & there are a couple of others as well such as "Tere mast do nain.." which are quite hummable.The background score also deserves a word of praise for their unique cow boy music which blends with the film.

Verdict: So whats my opinion for this movie???  In my view, Dabaang wont go great guns in Multiplexes but will make a killing at the box office in the single screens without doubt,as Salman has made use of his superstardom like never before!!!!  Hmmm... so in short, do watch it if you are a Salman fan or would like to enjoy your time watching comedy & action without actually searching for anything new in the movie!!!!!


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