Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shikaar review : Mohanlal makes a strong comeback!!!!

Finally the Malayali audience is spoiled for choice over films for this Ramzan. After going through a mediocre year since his last decent hit  "Ividam Swargamane"... Mohanlal comes back in style with his Ramzan offering "Shikaar". The plot is as follows : Balaraman (Mohanlal) is a lorry driver residing in Chittazhi who transports bamboo; he has a foster daughter Ganga (Ananya) who is the light of his life & secured rank for Medicine. The film takes a turn when skeletons from his past starts stumbling out from his cupboard which involves a Naxal linkup as well. Balaraman is then on the run to save his daughter & what issues later forms the crux of the movie.

Coming to the script, the second half of the movie is what actually puts in a punch. The comedy sequences in the film is a major letdown as Suraj falls flat & Jagathy also fails to impart any steam to it. The biggest credit definitely goes to the cinematographer Manoj Pillai....he has shot the sequences incredibly & keeps you engrossed in the visual spectacle. As for the music Jayachandran has come up with a decent job..with the Telugu song rendered by SP being the highlight. The director Padmakumar has been able to craft the scenes quite expertly in the second half after a not so impressive first half.

With his movies not doing so well in the recent past ...Mohanlal had to come up with something special & he has definitely did that. He puts in with a power packed performance & is ably supported by the other acting crew. Samuthirakani (as Naxal leader Abdulla) has put in a brilliant performance in a small yet important role & the same goes to Lakshmi Gopalaswamy as well. The other leads such as Ananya, Mithili & Sneha doesnt have much to do...& the same goes for Lalu Alex & Mani.

Verdict: All in all.... the movie has the advantage of having created a stir in the public even before the the bumper opening will render it to be a hit in no time. The second half & climax definitely makes it worthwhile for a watch on the big screen. So I suggest you guys do watch it!!!!


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  1. Second half is the soul of the movie as you rightly mentioned. The comedy in first half was unwarranted and could have been done away with fully. I also felt that heroism was a little over the top. It was second half that really saved the movie