Saturday, September 11, 2010

Elsamma Enna Aankutty review : Lal Jose creates magic yet again!!!!

Lal Jose gifts the Malayali audience with a new heroine for this Ramzan season through his new venture "Elsamma Enna Aankutty". The protogonist of the movie is Ann Augustine who is the daughter of veteran actor Augustine & going by her performance in this movie she has definitely made her father proud. The plot revolves around Ann (as Elsamma) who had to take up the responsibilities of her family after her father's demise & how she goes about doin it managin her household consisting of her Mom (KPAC Lalitha) & 3 sisters. She is a paper supplier & in our words a social activist as well..who is always on the forefront against it illegal alcohol or land mafia. Kunchako (as Pallunni) is the milk supplier for the village, a good friend of Elsamma & who nurses a love interest in her. Indrajit (as Abey) is the eternal flirt & is the grandson of Nedumudi, who had come for Christmas holidays. The story moves along predictable lines & transverses her problems..before finally culminating in she selecting either Palluni or Abey as her love.

Lal Jose comes up yet again with an entertaining venture..though the story isnt anything goes without saying that it keep you hale & hearty rather than make you itching around in your seat. The scenes has all been neatly crafted & captures the essence of a typical village life. The climax could definitely have been better but within the framework of the story it seems satisfactory.

Coming to the performance department, Ann is the centre piece & she has more than justified the trust placed on her by Lal Jose. She is completely at ease with her performance though there is no denying the fact that her expressions & body language definitely reminds you of Kavya Madhavan. Chakochan seems to be goin through a purple patch with all his recent ventures raking in the moolah at the box office while Indrajith plays his role as the eternal flirt to perfection after having mastered that in "Classmates". Jagathy essaying the role of the MLA has been terrific & brings the roof down with his antics.The music by Rajamani has been doin well at the charts & quite hummable.

Verdict: In my view, Elsamma will be a hit in the long it will definitely have the word of mouth goin in its favour. All in all, a very entertaining & enjoyable movie....& I believe you guys will enjoy it..Do watch it!!!!


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