Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kammattipaadam review: "Gritty saga that slowly grows on the audience!!!"

Ever since the Malayalam film industry came into existence it has always been blessed with a pool of talent which has made the others look at it with awe. Among the plethora of talent, one prominent name is the reputed cinematographer & director, Rajeev Ravi. Known for his realistic portrayal of life on celluloid, Rajeev is back with his latest venture "Kammattipaadam". In addition to being touted as one of the most eagerly awaited movie of the year, the promos has whetted the appetite of the audience even further. But will it be palatable to the majority???

The film unfolds with a visibly injured Krishnan (Dulquer Salman) boarding a bus & narrates as to how fate has brought him to this situation. Though he was presently based in Mumbai as an employee of a private security agency, he actually hailed from a slum called Kammattipaadam with a past that he wanted to be aloof of. However, like a bolt from out of the blue he receives a call from his bestie Ganga (Vinayakan) which entices him to make a journey back to the land that he never expected to return. So will Krishnan's past come to haunt him in his search for Ganga after all he shared a history of crime with his buddy???

Rajeev Ravi prowess as a cinematographer teems with accolades but in recent years he has turned his attention to direction where he has excelled as well be it "Annayum Rasoolum" or "Njan Steve Lopez". As in his previous ventures, "Kammattipaadum" shows the stark reality of life that thrives in the under belly of Cochin. The script by P Balachandran gives insight as to how the lives of individuals gets altered right from childhood where friendship & money is all what matters. It also drives home the fact that no matter however we try to insulate ourselves, the crime committed in the past will always find its way to our present. The attention given to the character detailing is outstanding & equally applaudable was the casting which made the whole experience impactful. However, the pace at which the take unfolds does take toll on a section of audience but rest assured that if you can tide over that it will surely enthrall you. Even the technical department was brilliant, be it Madhu Neelakantan's delightful frames (the stand out being the one along the coast) or the soundtrack by John Varkey & K Vinayakan.

It might have been packaged as a Dulquer movie, but the star of the movie is Vinayakan who was absolutely mesmerising. He virtually lived as the character & the effort that he has taken to perfect the body language and the physical transformation deserves special praise. Frankly speaking, I would be surprised if he doesnt gets a mention in the State Film Awards next year. Equally impressive was Manikandan (as Balan) who is as raw & poignant as it gets. With each movie, Dulquer keeps improving & here too, he has given a stunning performance. But with all due respect to him, I still feel a bit more experienced artist would have excelled the role even further as the character had scope for it. It wouldnt be possibly to name each & every character here (though each one deserves it), as it would make this review even longer; but a special mention of the female artists such as Shaun Romy (as Anitha) & Amalda Liz (as Rosamma) is justified. 

Verdict: The film is bound to have an impressive initial thanks to the expectations that is associated with it. However, the slow pace & the murky feel of the movie will not to be the liking of the family audience. In short, it wont make a killing at the box office, but it is surely one of the best movies to have come out in recent times. So dont miss it!!!

Rating: 3.5/5


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