Friday, May 13, 2016

Captain America: Civil War review: "Marvel continues to win their war against DC hands down!!!

In recent times, Hollywood seems to have gone overdrive in making movies inspired from Marvel & DC comics with many more in the pipeline over the next few years. In this battle for celluloid supremacy, Marvel has been in the driver's seat for quite some time with blockbusters being a routine phenomenon from their universe. DC's hope to challenge "The Avengers" with "Batman vs Superman" turned out to be a whimsical thought as the latter failed to rise to expectations. Now Marvel is back with "Captain America: Civil War" whose trailer was simply brilliant to say the least. So will Marvel consolidate its numero uno spot even more emphatically???

A year has passed since the Avengers had decimated Ultron in Sokovia but it happened at the cost of extensive collateral damage. This intimidates the world leaders to draft the Sokovia Accords whereby the Avengers will be put under the supervision of the UN. To make matters worse, Captain America's (Chris Evans) mission to thwart Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo) from getting his hands on a biological weapon backfires as Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) accidentally destroys a building in the vicinity which kills numerous Wakandan citizens. This incident makes Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr,) believe that they are better off if the accords are ratified, though Captain America (Chris Evans) thinks otherwise. Eventually the rest of the Avengers are forced to take sides & a full blown battle ensues between them. So was it the end of the famed Avengers???

As been the case in the previous Captain America movies, the Russo brothers has helmed this project as well. They have done a fantastic job aided by some inspiring screenplay & hilarious one liners by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely. The Russo duo ensured that their vision was aptly depicted onto the screen & also made sure that the entertainment quotient was in ample measure which was where the DC invariably faltered. Inspite of numerous characters, they made sure that everyone had adequate screen space without making it incomprehensible for the audience. On a personal note, I absolutely loved the Spiderman sequence & the final showdown. All the technical aspects were top notch & individually naming them will be a tedious task. This was undoubtedly one of the best ever superhero movie to have graced the screens.

In the performance department, Chris Evans & Robert Downey Jr. hogs majority of the screen space & as always they rocked. The same goes to the rest as well as each one of them made sure they gave their absolute best however brief their roles might have been. 

Verdict: Less than a week into its release has seen it gross more than 3 times its investment & in all likelihood it would breach the billion dollar mark. It's an absolute entertainer be it in terms of the storyline, humour or action. In short, dont miss it at any cost as it's one hell of a joy ride in the theatre!!!

Rating: 4/5


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