Saturday, May 28, 2016

Aadupuliyattam: "Inconsistencies makes it only as entertaining as a rat's attam!!!"

The last couple of days has been quite hectic due to which I haven't been able to write the review for Jayaram's latest release "Aadupuliyattam". In the 90s, the veteran was one of the most bankable actors that the industry had but since then his choice of movies has left a lot to be desired as hits became far & few. His last release was "Thinkal Muthu Velli Vare", close to a year back which incidentally was directed by Kannan Thamarakulam who has also helmed "Aadupuliyattam". Frankly speaking, I had watched it since I had some time to spare & thanks to his previous duds, I barely had any expectations. So did the movie have the content to satiate the audience???

Satyajit (Jayaram) is a wealthy business who led a contented life with his family until scary hallucinations deprives his peace of mind. His search for answers to his misery eventually leads him to a sage (Om Puri) who reveals that the cause of all this was the palace that he had acquired which had an ancient myth connected to it. But why were the spirits after Satyajit & what can be done to pacify the evil forces at work???

There isnt much hymns to be sung in praise of Kannan Thamarakulam as his debut venture was the perfect example of mediocrity. On the brighter side, things cant go any worser than that which proved to be true in his latest venture. Dinesh Pallath has penned the script that did seem to have a decent thread but it was haphazardly presented with flashbacks & inconsistencies in the plot as well as in the character detailing of the protagonist. The comedy track which was squeezed into the script was horrible to put it mildly. Kannan's execution of the mediocre script also didnt hide the creases as over dramatic scenes, predictability & infantile dialogues ruled the roost though there were a couple of genuine well shot sequences but he failed to maintain that quality. Jithu Damodar's visuals were average, Sandeep Nandakumar's editing was pedestrian while Ratheesh Vega's music was just about passable, However, Prasanna Master's choreography for Ramya Krishna deserves a cheer.

One of the oft spoken thing about the movie prior to its release was the salt & pepper look of Jayaram which did suit him though it barely mattered. Actually growing that beard might have been the only challenge that Jayaram had as the role barely tested his caliber. Ramya Krishnan was an apt choice as Mathangi but she was a misfit in the romantic scenes while it didnt make sense as to why such a renowned actor like Om Puri would choose to be part of this project. Both the kids, Akshara & Angelina were impressive & gave a convincing performance. As for the rest, Sheelu Abraham as usual gets screen space without any significance while it be best that nothing is said about the comedians.

Verdict: Just a couple of days into its release & already the theatres are having a deserted look which speaks volumes as to what the audience think about the movie. It might have been packaged as a horror comedy but the director failed to do justice to both the genres. In short, dont bother!!!

Rating: 1.75/5


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