Sunday, April 17, 2016

Theri review: "Likely to mutter malayalam theri in the latter half!!!"

It's the month of April & as per most of the regional calendars it marks the beginning of a new year. If it's Vishu for Kerala then it's known as Puthandu in Tamil Nadu & whatever might be the state, the release of some big banner movies is considered as part of the festivities nowadays. This year we have Vijay gracing the screens with his latest venture "Theri" which created quite a buzz among the fans with its trailer. Though I didnt quite belong to that category, I was still curious to check it out.

Joseph Kuruvila (Vijay) is a doting father to his daughter Nivi (Baby Nainika) & leads a serene life in Kerala (really??? it seemed like some other place with Kerala registration vehicles motoring around) running a bakery. Life moves along at a leisurely pace until her daughter meets with an accident which opens a door to his past. His name was actually Vijaykumar & he was an IPS officer who struck fear in the heart of the wrong doers. However, his upright nature expectedly proved to be a headache for the corrupted big wigs who came up with devious plans to eliminate his threat. So will Vijay be able to stick onto his principles against a rival who has no qualms in stooping to any level???

This big budget venture has been helmed by Atlee who had impressed one & all with his debut venture "Raja Rani". However, his latest effort is not going to score as many brownie points as the screenplay left a lot to be desired in the latter half. The movie builds up aptly with a concoction of humour, action, romance & sentiments until the interval. But from then on, the tale is as woeful & predictable as Pandya's bowling that we are left cringing in our seats & wishing Antony Ruben did a much better job with the editing.  Equally mediocre was the makeup for Samantha & the hideous wig used for Amy. However George Williams needs to be applauded for his praise worthy frames while the music by G V Prakash was average with the track "En Jeevan" rendered by Saindhavi & Hariharan being the standout one for me. 

Vijay has done a decent job as usual though it wasn't anything out of the ordinary as he reveled whenever humour was involved & lacked conviction in the emotional scenes. Baby Nainika was a delight as she oozed sweetness & innocence. Mahendran as the antagonist essayed his role with ease but was he as threatening as the character required??? Hmm...definitely not. Samantha has given a credible performance while Amy Jackson seemed like a misfit as a Keralite. As for the rest of the cast, Rajendran tickled the funny bone to good effect, Prabhu was wasted & Radhika went overboard at times.

Verdict: The film got a bombastic opening as expected with the movie racking in close to 28 C on the very first day itself. But it's likely to taper off much quickly than the makers would like it to after all the manner in which the second half proceeds doesnt inspire much hope. So in such a scenario they will find it be hard to make a profit considering they invested 100 C on it (did they??? you got to be kidding..coz it didnt seem so). In short, the choice is yours !!!

Rating: 2.25/5


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