Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fan review: "Even detractors wont mind being called his fans for this one!!!"

Amid much fanfare, the eagerly anticipated SRK starrer "Fan" finally hit the screens this weekend. With his IPL team, KKR off to a strong start this season; he would be hoping for a similar swing of fortune for his latest release as well after all "Dilwale" understandably fared below expectations. As always, SRK has gone all out for the movie's publicity with almost all channels training their cameras on him, though I felt it was much lesser this time around. The trailer received an overwhelming response from both the audience & industry alike with close to 4 million views on the first two days. Now it remains to be seen if it translates to footfalls at the theatres.

Aryan Khanna (SRK) is the reigning superstar of Bollywood & has millions of fans around the globe. Even Gaurav Chanda (SRK) was one among them except that his adulation for his idol bordered on obsession. He took pride from the fact that he was called "Junior Aryan" for the distinct similarity in their looks & also coz he always walked away with the best performer trophy courtesy of his tribute to the superstar in the annual competition at his colony. After having won the trophy yet again, he decides to dedicate it to his idol in person on his birthday & boards the train to Mumbai. But things doesnt quite pan out in the way that he had hoped for & when he does get to meet his idol, it was in a manner that he had least expected. 

Maneesh Sharma is quite a well known name in the industry even though he has just 3 movies to his credit as a director with "Band Baaja Baaraat" being his debut venture. He is aided in his present project by Habib Faisal who had penned both the script & screenplay. The basic thread of the movie is the relationship between a star & his fan which goes sour to the extent that the fan becomes the greatest threat to his idol's existence. Though not a rip off, it did have a subtle similarity as far as the plot is concerned to Robert De Niro's "The Fan".  Anywaz the idea as such was intriguing & promised to be an edge of the seat thriller which Maneesh executed impressively as well in the first half. However, the manner in which the revenge was played out subsequently lacks sense & thought from both the crafters. The fan cant be called as a doppelganger as he doesnt quite confuse the people around him early on, but surprisingly that's exactly what happens in the second half as he fools his fans, friends, security & for some time, his wife as well (eh???). As for other aspects, I did like Andrea Guerras's BGM & the "Jabra Fan" track by Vishal-Shekhar which I saw on youtube (as the movie doesn't have any songs). The prosthetics & CGI used for Gaurav's character deserves praise but it lacked consistency.

Though the script did not quite satisfy me, I have no such complaints against Shahrukh who was damn awesome. If Gaurav once again showcased his ability to portray characters with negative shades with elan, then Aryan showed his courage to try something out of his comfort zone & take potshots at stardom (at times on himself also) be it his attitude to fans, employees, officials or even dancing at weddings. When we have SRK in double role that pretty much denies screen space to anyone else but even then performers like Yogendra Tiku, Deepika Amin & Sayani Gupta gets noticed for their credible support.

Verdict: The film should make it to the 150 C mark in due time, though since it isn't exactly a masala movie as it has no romance or songs, the bulk of the collections would have to come from the urban circuit & overseas. As far as my opinion goes, there are surely loopholes in the script but SRK has done a brilliant job which makes this movie worth watching for sure. In short, watch it for SRK!!!

Rating: 3/5


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