Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ki & Ka review: "Not as appealing as the title!!!"

After a rather dodgy World Cup, India was finally ousted in the semis by the Windies . Though I am really proud that our team was among the final four, there was still a lingering sadness that we couldn't proceed further. Anywaz what better way to shake off the dejection than with a movie & that's when I realised that "Ki & Ka" is hitting the screens this weekend. The trailer was quite explicit as it was about a stay home husband which is not an explored premise in Bollywood. So will it be able to break new ground or be reduced to being stereotypical???

Kia (Kareena Kapoor) is a successful marketing manager who is fiercely focused in her career & had a clear idea as to what she wants to become in due time. During one of her business tours, she gets acquainted with Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) who inspite of being a MBA topper & from an affluent lineage was diametrically opposite to what she was. Kabir wanted to be like his mom by being a stay home partner as he believed that a male could be as effective as a female in ensuring a strong family system. After a couple of dates, the two decides to take their relationship to the next level & ties the knot. Things proceed smoothly as both of them comfortably settles into the roles that they had aspired for until ego wedges in as one of them hogs the limelight much to the displeasure of the other. So can they settle their differences or was this intention of being a stay home husband in our society (whether we like it or not is still predominantly patriarchal) a rather impractical idea???

R Balki is a well known director not only for his distinct scripts but also for the unique titles that he comes up for his movies starting from "Cheeni Kum" to his latest venture "Ki & Ka". Now coming to the storyline as such, though it is not something which has been observed in Bollywood, the idea of males taking an equal share of the domestic responsibilities is very much vogue in many of our lives. It isn't just about giving sermons about female equality but personally speaking I feel females should also become independent & for that to happen the male gender will have to pitch in equally in all aspects of a marital relationship. However, Balki falters in executing his ideas effectively & it comes across being like a caricature as the movie turns out to be nothing more than a role reversal where the guy behaves like the girl (including the "mangalsutra" on his wrist for a change). The conflicts between the two in the latter half is believable but overall it wont blow our socks off. All the technical aspects seemed fine though it doesn't deserve special mention.

When I had seen the trailer for the first time, the combination of Kareena & Arjun didnt seem quite appealing to me. But after watching it, I would say that they were indeed aptly casted. It's been quite a while since we have seen Kareena in a credible role & she has essayed her part convincingly as the career oriented professional. The same also has to be said about Arjun who was both charming & endearing in a role which I am sure many actors wouldn't have taken up at first glance. Both Swaroop Sampat & Rajit Kapur were adequate in their roles while the cameo by Big B & Jaya Bachchan was pretty good.

Verdict: Since it doesn't belong to the category of being a mass movie, it wont have a fantastic initial but it would still appeal to the target audience & should be a safe bet for the producers. It's unique from a movie point of view but Balki wasn't able to execute it as effectively. In short, maybe you can give it a try if you have time!!!

Rating: 2.25/5


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