Sunday, November 17, 2013

Geethanjali review: "Dr.Sunny shouldnt have been bothered!!!"

More than 6 months has passed since Lalettan has graced the screens after the forgetful "Ladies & Gentleman". So naturally when his next release was announced & that too with Priyadarshan, the hype & expectations on the part of the audience was quite justified. With the promos of "Geethanjali" looking quite interesting, I presume Lalettan might have hit the jackpot this time around. 

Anjali (Keerthy Suresh) & Anoop (Nishan) are settled in Mumbai and have been in a relationship for many years. So when Anoop lands with an opportunity to go abroad for a fatter paycheck, their folks decides to solemnize their relationship in holy matrimony. They plan to embark to Anjali's ancestral household, Arackal Tharavadu to seek the blessings of her mother, Annamma (Seema). But destiny had other plans, as her mother suffers serious spinal injury from a fatal fall rendering her speechless & paralysed. If that wasnt enough, allegations of her house being haunted proves to be true as Anjali gets repeatedly terroized by the spirit of her deceased twin sister, Geetha. This entices Anoop to seek the help of Dr.Sunny (Lalettan) on the behest of his boss, Nakulan (Suresh Gopi). So how will Dr.Sunny go about his psychoanalysis this time around???

The king of rip offs, Priyadarshan is back after a two year hiatus & yet again he chooses Abhilash Nair. to pen his latest venture who had scripted his previous Malayalam film  "Arabiyum Ottakavum P. Madhavan Nairum". Though Priyan has done an impressive job with the assistance of Thirru's stunning visuals, Abhilash Nair comes up with an average script which is nothing but a rip off of Priyamani's "Charulatha"  (which I am told is a copy of some foreign film of which I am not aware). The first half is structured well with some pretty good spooky moments; but the latter half turns out to be a damp squid with a tame & predictable climax. Even the music by Vidyasagar was average at best though the BGM seemed fine at certain sequences.

Lalettan has done an impressive job with the limited chances he has got on screen. Actually if it wasn't for him & the supporting cast, the film might have tanked big time. Keerthy have definitely done her parents proud (Menaka & Suresh Kumar) as she proves she isnt just a beautiful face. Nishan still struggles with his expressions while Innocent is in his elements with his comic timing. Seema barely had much to do while Siddique does his part well.

Verdict: The film will have a fantastic initial for obvious reasons. However, the audience is bound to be disappointed with the way the script panned out in the latter half. As far as my opinion goes, watch it without much expectations. In short, Sethuramayyar should have been called for rather than asking Dr.Sunny to come from Maachu Picchu.

Rating: 2.75/5


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