Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Run Baby Run review: "Run away hit!!!"

If at all there is something which multiplies fast like rabbits, it has got to be the media sector as there is a mushrooming of channels every other week or so. Gone are the days when the media had some sense of responsibility towards the society, as nowadays it's all about TRPs & what better way to do it than sensationalizing mediocre content. Interestingly, this Onam witnesses the stalwarts; Lalettan & Joshiy joining hands for "Run Baby Run", which focuses on the cut throat competition in the media sector. So will it be able to outdo the other releases & emerge as the Numero Uno???

Venu (Mohanlal) is a renowned international photographer with enviable credentials which makes him the most sought out personalities in the media world. His arrival in Kerala as part of an assignment had caught the tongues wagging & everyone needed a piece of him. However, it also brought him face to face with Renuka (Amala Paul), a fire branded senior editor of a prominent news channel with whom he had shared a turbulent past. But the present scenario required him to collaborate with Renuka on a politically sensitive issue. So can they keep their differences aside & work as a team???

After having been in the industry for more than three decades, Joshiy is still going strong with his brand of film making which always focuses on a grand canvas with huge names. Even with his latest venture, Joshi seemed to have caught the pulse of the audience with a fast paced thriller which is sprinkled liberally with light moments. Though the script by Sachi does come a cropper at times, it doesn't matter as it keeps the audience entertained. Rathesh Vega's music doesnt have much scope in the film but "Attumanal Payayil" rendered by Lalettan was a screamer & surely one of the very best of his career. 

Lalettan was absolutely impeccable as the protagonist & was at ease essaying the role with naturality & finesse. There is no doubt that it's a herculean task for the female lead to get herself noticed when acting opposite legends like Lalettan & Mammooka. But Amala Paul has more than done justice to her role & makes each frame count when she comes on screen. Biju Menon who is basking in the glory of his purple patch is top notch especially his chemistry with Lalettan.

Verdict: Being released on Thiruvonam & backed by a credible cast and crew, the film will take a brilliant opening. It is also aided by the fact that it has an entertaining storyline & not to forget that the other Onam releases has been less than impressive. In short, it's going to be a superhit by a distance. So dont miss it!!!

Rating: 3/5


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