Friday, September 21, 2012

Husbands in Goa review: "Not as entertaining as its predecessor!!!"

After a commercially successful Onam season with almost all of the movies making decent money especially Lalettan's "Run Baby Run", we are now awaiting the next wave of hits. Though a couple of films did make their presence felt, overall the response has been more or less lukewarm. However, this week we have Saji Surendran's "Husbands in Goa", which promises to be a laugh riot & commercially viable on the lines of its predecessor "Happy Husbands". So will it deliver what it promises???

Jerry (Indrajith) is a lawyer who spents more of his time at home doing household work at the insistence of his wife, Teena (Reema Kalingal). His other two friends, Govind (Jayasurya) & Arjun (Asif Ali) also shared the same predicament as their wives always held a upper hand in all matters. Finally, the three of them hatch a plan to have a blast in Goa away from their nagging wives. But their plans went to overdrive mode once they got acquainted to Sunny (Lal), a film cinematographer in the train. What was supposed to be a peaceful 10 days turned out to be a roller coaster ride as they fall into the pit of their own follies. So have they stretched their luck a bit too much???

Saji Surendren coming on the back of debacles "Kunjaliyan" & "Four Friends", will be hoping that Krishna Poojapura's script could relive the success story of "Happy Husbands". Well to be frank, to a certain extent he has redeemed himself as the film was definitely far better than his previous two ventures. However, it wasn't as entertaining as expected since many parts were a drag though some of the comedy sequences were spot on with a pretty lame climax. The highlight of the film is definitely the train song "Pichaka poomkavukal.." inspired from "No.20 Madras Mail" which had the audience in spirits. As for other aspects, there isnt much to write home about. 

Among the ensemble cast, each one of them has done their parts well especially Indrajith & Jayasurya.  In the initial sequences, Lal didnt seem to be in his elements which gradually improved as the film went on while Asif Ali was kinda ok. The female leads also did their parts aptly though they didnt have much to do.

Verdict: The film will have a rousing opening considering the way the film has been packaged. However, it cant be termed as one which will make as much moolah as its predecessor. In short, it's entertaining but nothing out of the ordinary. 

Rating: 2/5


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