Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mr.Marumakan review: "Too tedious & wry to be called fun!!!"

If at all there is someone in the Malayalam industry who could make slap stick comedy work, then the answer will have to be Dileep. Though I do cringe at times seeing those kind of stuff, but it seems the majority does love such antics or else how do you explain the 19 crores racked in by "Mayamohini". Anywaz this Onam season, Dileep has decided to treat his fans with his much delayed "Mr.Marumakan", which incidentally belongs to the same genre. So will it be yet another no-brainer blockbuster???

Ashok Raj aka Chakravarthy (Dileep) is a qualified lawyer whose love for arts has made him pursue a drama company to make the ends meet. His brother, Babu Raj (Biju Menon) is an alcoholic who is neck deep in debt & on the verge of having their family property confiscated by the bank. But their stars start shining when it turns out that the ombudsman, Balasubramanyam (Bhagyaraj) is their father's friend & the talk of a possible marriage between his daughter & Chakravarthy. Since matters weren't fine between Subramanyam & his estranged wife, Raja Mallika (Khushboo), Chakravarthy takes it upon himself to tame the arrogant ladies of the household. 

Frankly speaking, Udayakrishna & Sibi K Thomas seems to be having a merry life considering the fact that their mediocre scripts are making the box office bells go bonkers. Actually, it more or less reminded me of the Govinda films of the 90s. Running close to 3 hours, it was actually a test of patience & many of the jokes failed to make any kind of impact. The same goes for other aspects of the film as well be it the music or the visuals.

As one would expect, it's an out & out Dileep film; & he doesn't disappoint the audience with his comic timing. However, if at all there has to be a stand out then it has to be Khushboo as she seemed at ease enacting the negative role. Sanusha seemed average as she had nothing to do other than scowl the whole time while the rest merely seemed to be there for the numbers. 

Verdict: There is no doubt that the film will have a fantastic opening as the children & families will look forward to spending some time laughing their lungs out watching such brainless stuff. But I doubt whether it will be able to sustain it as it seemed too tedious watching this saga. In short, doesn't hurt to give it a miss!!!

Rating: 1.5/5


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