Thursday, April 2, 2015

You Too Brutus review: "Posters & promos can be deceiving!!!"

On the auspicious occasion of Maundy Thursday, I would like to wish all my fellow beings a blessed Pesaha. As many of you would be aware, it was on this fateful night that Judas had betrayed our Lord, Jesus Christ. So it's kind of ironic that the subject that the movie "You Too Brutus" focused on was also betrayal. Even though it's been almost a fortnight since it had hit the screens, I got to check it out just y'day as it didn't release in Bangalore. Actually the promos & the posters was damn impressive, so it naturally increased my expectations. So did those gimmicks betray my faith???

Hari (Sreenivasan) was at loggerheads with his brother Abhi (Asif Ali) as the latter had married against his wishes to Aparna (Rachana Narayanankutty). Though Abhi & Aparna were on the same page in most matters, her strong disapproval of smokers (occasionally bordering on obsession) at times strained their relation. To make matters worse, Abhi gets into an extra marital affair with Shirly (Honey Rose), a model & aspiring singer. In the meantime, Hari shared his abode with a host of other individuals each one unique in their own manner & with their own share of problems. Vicky (Anu Mohan), a fashion photographer dreams of settling down with his girl friend, while Arun (Ahmed Siddiqui), an IT professional coaxes his North Indian minor girlfriend to elope with him. Then we have Tovino (Tovino Thomas), a gym instructor who advises their cook, Unni (Sudhi Koppa) on ways as to how to get laid. So does each one manage to resolve their problems??? Well that forms the crux of the movie.

It's been quite some since Roopesh Peethambaran's debut venture "Theevram" had hit the screens & I do have to say it was quite an engaging dark thriller though it failed to create ripples at the box office. His latest offing, takes on the subject of deceit & betrayal and showcases as to how it has become an inevitable part in many relations. Well to be fair to him, the idea was good but he failed to execute it in a cohesive manner. The film seemed disjointed & somehow the novelty fails to make its presence felt. Coming to the technical aspects, adequate attention was paid to it be it Abhinav's editing & Swaroop's visuals while Roby Abraham's music was mediocre and seemed like appendages rather than being blended. A special mention for the brilliant poster designs which catches the eye.

Among the huge cast, the one that had impressed me the most was Tovino who was hilarious to the core with his antics as it emphasized that he was more of brawn than brains. Sreenivasan seemed more like his old self while Sudhi Koppa was an apt choice as the cook. As for the rest, Asif Ali, Anu Mohan, Rachana, Honey Rose etc., have all done a decent job.

Verdict: Incidentally it turned out that yday was the last day that it was screened in Kollam. So I guess it provides more than ample proof that it didn't quite get the response that the makers would have hoped for. To be frank, I wasn't surprised since Roopesh wasn't able to execute his idea in an engaging manner. In short, the humor does work at a number of sequences but apart from that it doesn't offer anything!!!

Rating: 2/5


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