Friday, April 3, 2015

100 days of love review: "Even the target audience wont find it appealing enough!!!"

Among the Vishu-Easter releases, the first one that had hit the screens was "100 Days of Love", however due to reasons which I mentioned earlier, I got to check it out only y'day. Being Good Friday, the church service was till evening which rounded up with the sumptuous "kanji & payar" & so it was only now that I found time to write the review. Though many of my friends have already seen it, I just wanted to convey as to what I felt about the directorial debut of Jenuse (or more prominently known as the son of the veteran director, Kamal). So will he be able to emerge from the shadow of his illustrious father???

Balan K Nair aka BKN (Dulquer Salman) is a feature writer of a prominent tabloid in Bangalore, who was recently dumped by his girlfriend. Just as he was coming to terms with it, he bumps into a beautiful damsel on a rainy night & Cupid strikes him yet again. But as fate would have it, he barely got an opportunity to talk to her as she vanishes as soon as she appeared. Along with the help of his buddy, Ummar (Sekhar Menon), a gaming buff; he sets out in search for her. After numerous failed attempts, Balan eventually gets to meet Sheela (Nithya Menen); but there were a couple of unsavory twists that awaited him. So will Balan be unlucky yet again???

Jenuse Mohammed had burst into the scene as a breath of fresh air as evidenced by the manner in which he has executed the movie.  However, I feel he should have paid more attention to the script as it doesnt quite have the "wow" factor which would have hooked us onto it. But the frames, locales & influence of Western classics on him has been given careful thought which makes it kinda unique for the Malayali audience. The film is likely to cater to only an urban niche audience though I feel even they wont be fully satisfied. From a technical point of view, the visuals by Pratheesh Varma was fantastic with the lighting, sepia & halo effect imparting the right feel; Govind Menon's music was fine & equally impressive was its picturisation though it seemed like a music video rather than part of the film. Sandeep Kumar should have made the film crispier especially since much matter wasn't showcased in the 150 mins. Last but not the least, hats off to Riaz Whitemarker for the excellent media designs.

Dulquer Salman seems to be a natural when it comes to roles like these & he has once again aced it. Nitya Menen was a perfect choice for the character & she has done utmost justice to her role. As in "Ustaad Hotel", their chemistry sizzles here as well which is the primary reason why this film works. Sekhar Menon has done a decent job along with Vineeth, Praveena & Rahul Madhav.

Verdict: A significant portion of the collection would be coming from the cities as it's unlikely to appeal to one & all. Since it was the first to hit the screens, I presume it would have recovered its cost by now. However, from a personal point of view Jenuse surely exhibits that he has got what it takes to be among the top tier but his debut venture doesnt quite floor me!!!

Rating: 2.5/5


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