Friday, February 7, 2014

Om Shanti Oshaana review: "Feel good rom comedy!!!"

Finally some good news for the movie lovers in Bangalore as both "Om Shanti Oshaana" & "Balyakalasakhi" are releasing here on the same day as Kerala. So among the two, I decided to check out the former one first as the promos & songs did seem to be like an ideal choice for some relaxation. With the lead pair being the current hottest property in the industry, not to forget their previous venture together "Neram" was a blockbuster, the interest in the film was understandable.

Pooja (Nazriya Nazim) is the daughter of Dr.Mathew (Renji Panicker), who was more like a tomboy after all her traits and characteristics resembled one. The film kicks off in earnest when Pooja is in her 10th Std & she falls for the hard working Giri (Nivin Pauly), a farmer by profession but also an active participant in all the humanitarian activities in their locality. After repeated attempts to attract his attention, she finally decides to confront him & confide her feelings to him. but Giri politely brushes aside her proposal much to her dismay. Both of them get along with their respective lives as Pooja enters into medical profession & meets up with new people like Dr. Prasad (Vineeth Srinivasan) who takes a keen interest in her. So was Dr. Prasad the soul mate she was searching for???

Yet another debutant marks his entry into the industry in the form of Jude Anthany Joseph & I do have to accept that I do appreciate his efforts. Though the script by Midhun Manuel Thomas was predictable, the screenplay & dialogues are the ones which sets it apart as it was humorous without resorting to any sort of vulgarity or sentiments. They also kept tab of the time period by fleeting mentions of the films, songs & programmes of that period. The music & BGM by Shaan Rehman was fine with most of them on top of the charts with "Kaatumooliyo" rendered by Vineeth Srinivasan being my pick among the lot. Vinod Illampally's visuals also deserves mention on a job aptly done.

Nazriya Nazim is the main highlight of the film after all she had the scope for it & she has delivered a pretty decent act, with her second half performance being better. Nivin Pauly didnt have much to do & does whatever is required.As for the rest of the cast, Vineeth Srinivasan was average while Aju Varghese & Renji Panicker seemed ok.

Verdict: The promos, songs & the cast will ensure that the young crowd throng to the theatres. The film is predictable, but offers what it promises and that is a feel good romantic comedy. In short, check it out for some laughs!!!

Rating: 3/5


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